Swimsuits for a Short Torso

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When Swimsuit shopping you always want to pick something that speaks to you, you know? Like a color that jumps out to you, or a cut that fits your figure just right. But do you ever pick a swimsuit with your body type in mind? I know I didn’t up until recently! 

A swimsuit should enhance your body’s natural beauty and in order to best do so, there’s a few simple rules to follow. 

We’re going to focus on short torso’s for a minute! Having a short torso most likely means you’re a shorter person, and that’s great! Whether you’re short, tall or average height, the first step is recognizing it and then from there you’ll be able to shop for the best possible swimsuit for your body type. 


short torso swimsuit for women modest

First we’ll go over a few quick guidelines to best understand what a short torso needs in a swimsuit to look its best!

With a short torso, the main goal is to wear clothing that visually elongate it. With swimsuits, this could mean wearing a more vertical pattern, having details that draw the eye up, or even looking for a higher leg cut. Also keep in mind that adjustable straps can be your best friend!


adjustable straps swimsuit modest for women

If you’re searching for a suit with details that draw the eye up, but you don’t know where to start, here’s a few tips! 

High neck swimsuits are great at making the torso appear longer. If you want a bit more skin showing, opt for a one shoulder design or something eye catching like ruffles or a key hole. 


keyhole swimsuit one piece modest for women

Along with details that elongate the torso, a higher leg cut will complement your torso by adding the illusion of a bit more length. Luckily we have lots of cute and trendy options for swimwear with a higher leg cut here at Geode Swimwear

Finally, don’t forget the power of adjustable straps! They really can do wonders to help a suit fit just right if you have anything other than an average length torso! 

Below are a few suits we would recommend if you’re looking for torso elongating details, higher keg cuts or just something to flatter a shorter torso! 

This one has the cutest tie details that will bring the eye up- plus a higher leg cut never hurt nobody! (In fact, it can help!) 

vintage floral one piece modest swimsuit for women

Not only does this beauty have a higher neck, the flattering key hole detail will help elongate the torso.

key hole neck modest swimsuit for women rust red orange patterned

The Flora has the prettiest pattern, mixed with a higher leg cut and a cute neckline detail- it’s a go-to suit!

yellow and orange floral one piece modest womens bathing suit

The best part about this suit might just be the incredibly adjustable straps with the cute bow detail.

spotted black and white one piece for women

A high neck, plus and pretty pattern? Yes please! 

neutral brown taupe one piece bathing suit for women

A two piece option with a higher neck and in the prettiest muted color scheme.

two p iece modest tankini bathing suit for older women

The one shoulder two piece of your dreams, AND with a higher leg cut!?


royal blue cobalt tankini modest swimsuit for women

If you’re needing a suit and you’re a shorter girlie, or just have a shorter torso, take these tips into consideration during your next swimsuit shopping spree! 

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