Best Swimsuits for Red Heads

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This one’s for all the red head girlies out there! We know the struggle of finding just the right color hue to match your skin and complement your fiery hair! It can definitely be a challenge but we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of tips and how to choose what colors to wear for all our red heads, especially during the summer when swimsuits come back to claim a spot in your wardrobe! 

ginger redhead good suits modest for women

First up, it’s important to keep in mind that if you have red hair, odds are pretty good that you also have fair skin. And that means not only is sun block a MUST, but self tanner could just be your new best friend if you’re hoping to be hue or two darker! Check out our article on some of our favorite self tanners

With fair skin comes a whole new complexity on what colors look best. We have a great article that walks you through what kind of pale skin you might have and from there you’ll be able to have an even better idea of which colors to lean towards when shopping for your new favorite swimmie! 

ginger red head in black and white swim suit

After you’ve figured out what type of pale skin you have, next is the fun part of taking into consideration your gorgeous red locks! Because contrast is key when looking for the best colors, we’ve developed a list of colors (and suits that could be yours!) that look best paired with red hair! 

Black- black is a go-to color for so many red-heads out there! It provides plenty of contrast to pale skin and really gives that fiery hair a chance to pop! 

Here are some of our favorite black swimsuits that would be stunning with red hair:

black modest swimsuit tankini for women side cutouts black modest one piece swimsuit for women plus size adjustable 

black modest tankini swimsuit for women v neck nursing friendly

Blue- blue is great for redheads as red and blue are complementary colors. Deep blues especially are great and mesh well with paler skin! 

We have a few favorite shades of blue here at geode and we’re positive you’ll love them too:

deep blue teal tankini for women modest  blue floral modest one piece for women cutout back 

light blue monochromatic tankini modest for women

Green- Green is also a complementary color to red and is a great more neutral color if that’s your style! Between army, Olive and bright greens, we really think you can’t go wrong when you’re rocking green with your beautiful red hair! 

A few green swimsuits we love are: 

sage green smocked swimsuit one piece modest for women Olive green tankini top modest swimwear for women 

bright green tankini textured set modest for women

Purple- purple is one that most red heads don’t think about, but it actually pairs surprisingly well with ginger features! It’s giving major little mermaid!

Our go-to purple suit is perfect for all activities with just a bit more coverage: Monroe 

lavender purple swimsuit set swim shorts tankini top for women modest

Bonus- we included one bonus color because while some neutrals don’t do much for a red head in terms of color theory, certain shades of brown can actually be really pretty!

We had to give an honorable mention to one of our favorite neutral suits!

neutral colored beige brown swimsuit floral pattern one piece modest for women

So remember, being a ginger and having red hair with paler skin shouldn’t make finding what to wear more complicated. Once you know the few important aspects of color theory and which hues look best on you, really bask in your red-headed glory! After all, being a red head is just as much fun, if not more! 



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