Best Swimsuits For Apple Shaped Body Type

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We’re here again to cover the last of the 4 traditional body types, but before we get into it, we wanted to remind everyone that most bodies don’t fit into exactly one of these categories. Every body is unique and all bodies change throughout life. While you may be more of one body type at one point in your life, that could change and that’s totally normal!! All shapes and sizes are beautiful and really it’s what the body allows us to do in life that really is amazing.

With all that being said, the last body type to go over is the “apple” or bigger busted body type. This body is identified by a wider shoulder and bust length, with a fuller midsection and narrower hips. 

concept wardrobe apple shaped body type figure


The bigger busted body type can be found on both tall and short people and is actually more common than you might think! If you are unsure what body type you might have, here are a few celebrity examples to help you out! 

Both Adele and Drew Barrymore have beautiful apple shaped body types and completely rock them! 

Adele apple body type green dress bigger busted figure   Drew Barrymore apple shaped body type black dress

Here’s a few quick tips on how to dress an apple or bigger busted body type. 


  • pick shapes or patterns that elongate the body
  • opt for dark colors around the waist
  • choose high waisted bottoms


  • avoid tops with puffy sleeves
  • be careful with cropped or boxy shirts 
  • choose necklines carefully- don’t pick necklines that are too straight across 

We have so many good swimsuit options for all kinds of body types here at Geode Swimwear because we believe in feeling comfortable and confident in your skin, whether that’s in a bathing suit, or just your everyday wear! Here are a few of our top swimsuit picks for apple body types! 

Poppy Two-Piece

The Poppy set is made of the stretchiest smocked fabric on the top, so there will be plenty of room in the bust area! The matching high waisted bottoms are the perfect match and the dainty floral pattern just seals the deal!

red smocked two piece white floral pattern modest tankini for women

Grapefruit Two-Piece

The deeper v neck on the top, combined with the flattering ruching and tie on the high waisted bottoms make this one a go-to for apple body types! 

coral colored modest tankini bikini with rouching v neck

Flora One-Piece

The Flora one-piece swimsuit is also a top pick for apple body types as it has an incredibly adjustable bust with the cutest pattern throughout! 

orange and yellow floral one piece swimsuit for women modest cute

Rio Two-Piece

The Rio two-piece not only has plenty of room in the bust, but also has a flattering plunge neckline and matching high waisted bottoms! The vertical pattern is also incredibly flattering with a cute tropical vibe! 

white modest tankini for women tropical print pattern cute

Lotus One-Piece

This one has the prettiest sweetheart neckline to add some personality to the bust while also being incredibly stretchy throughout as it’s made with smocked material! 

purple floral one piece swimsuit for women smocked sweetheart neckline

We hope our collection of articles about the best swimsuits for each body type has helped!! We know the struggle to find the perfect suit that makes you feel your best can be daunting. Just remember, the best suit for your body is the one that makes you the happiest! 



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