Why We Don't Use Professional Models

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It seems that every company nowadays tends use the same few models for their pictures-and they're beautiful models-but, how are we as customers ever supposed to tell how an item will look on us if we only ever see it on the same few people and body shapes??

Since the beginning, we've ALWAYS wanted to make sure our product images here at Geode Swimwear include a variety of models, and with that, a variety of body shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, a lot of professional models tend to have very similar body shapes-so to make sure we got representation for ALL body types, we decided to write off the idea of using professional models completely

Instead, we say, every woman is welcome here.

To find our models, we put out "model calls", and allow anyone that is interested to have a chance to model a swimsuit for us. Size, height, weight, color, shape-none of that matters to us. We love ALL to model for us! After all, how good is a swimsuit if it's only flattering on one body? We aim for our swimsuits to flatter ALL body types, and we want to prove it to you by showing them on a variety of bodies!

We don't care about modeling experience. In fact, the vast majority of our models have NO prior modeling experience-and we wouldn't have to any other way. 

Ladies show up to our shoots SO excited for it- and explain that they've always wanted to model, but maybe they're "too short" to model, or don't have the "right" body shape to be a model. 

And honestly, what a load of bogus that is.

There is no "correct" height, weight, size, shape, etc. It's long past due that brands start representing EVERY woman- not just the "ideal" woman. 

So, forever and always-we will be offering opportunities for ANY woman to model our swimwear. Because every body is beautiful, and it's about time we start recognizing that. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for future model calls!z


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-The Geode Team

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