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We care about our customers experience as much as we can about our swimsuits, and we know that your experience will be much better if your swimsuit stays looking new and it's important that you do your part in taking proper care of your swimsuit. Even though we make all of our swimsuits out of high quality materials there are still many chemicals used in swimming pools, tanning oils, sunscreens and even salt from the sea can be hard on fabrics. So unless you are swimming in a fresh water lake it is very important that you follow these instructions to keep your swimsuit in the best condition possible.


Rinse Immediately - This is probably one of the most important steps in taking care of your swimsuit, and it's so easy. Even if you your on a vacation there are almost always showers at the beach on pool to rinse off before you head back to the pool, otherwise just slip it off once you get to the hotel and rinse it off. This is important because the longer your suit sits with those chemicals it will slowly start to break down the fibers of the material and fading the color. 


 Hand Wash w/ (gentle) Soap - If you were unable to rinse off at the beach you can combine this step with the first step. In either the sink or bath tub rinse your suit out by hand and use a small amount of gentle soap, skip the detergents or any products that might have bleach in them, we recommend just using regular dish soap. 


Line Dry Your Swimsuit- Skip wringing out your swimsuit when you are finished hand washing it and don't throw it in the dryer. Just give it a gentle squeeze to release some of the water then find somewhere to hang your suit to air dry, we like to use a  drying rack but even just throwing it over the shower rod works too.  


All of these instructions are also included on your clothing tags inside your swimsuits. Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions about swimwear care tips! Love you all! xoxo


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