Black Friday 2020-5% to Charity

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To be honest we don't love Black Friday. Don't get me wrong we love having an opportunity to have a big sale so that you all can ad more Geode swimsuits to your swimsuit collection;) The reason we don't love Black Friday is because we find it a bit ironic, and a little sad, that people go from a day dedicated to being thankful to a day of materialism and spending. So to help combat some of these feelings for the last two years we have donated 5% of all our profits from Black Friday through Cyber Monday to a non profit charity of our choice.


This year we decided to do things a little bit different and actually let YOU pick the charity. We ran polls, submission boxes and other things on social media polling our followers for who they would like to see this years donation go to and that is how we ended up with I Support the Girls. 


I Support the Girls is a non-profit organization that provides items such as bras, underwear and menstrual products for women facing homelessness, impoverishment and or distress. Girls all over the world miss entire weeks of school because they don't have access to the proper menstrual products to be able to go to school forcing them to make up work and slowly get behind in the class each month. When women are forced out of their homes because of eviction of other circumstances they are stripped of their dignity and are ignored on the streets. Every person deserves honor and respect and we believe I Support the Girls does just that and we are ecstatic to be supporting such an important cause and helping women feel more dignity and confidence.


For more info about I Support the Girls follow this think to their website.

I Support the Girls 








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