Find Your Perfect Fitting Swimsuit- Size Guide

As a lady I completely understand the struggle of online shopping, especially for swimsuits. We've created an array of sizing resources to help you find the perfect fitting swimsuit and feel confident in shopping online with us. What we've realized  though is that all of these resources are spread out through the entire website and might be a little hard to find. So we decided to compile them in this blog post. The idea is that you can come here to find links that will take you to a specific page with sizing and fit details about that specific swimsuit. So here we go! 


First of all, this our standard size chart. This is a good resource to figure out what Geode suit size would typically fit. Because every brands swimsuits fit a little different but our swimsuits typically do run true to size. This chart helps best with one piece swimsuits but can still be helpful with the tankini options. 

 Cute modest one piece swimsuits. Modest Tankini tops and high waisted bikini bottoms.

See Size Chart


Each of our swimsuits fit slightly different so we realized one a size fits all size chart just wouldn't cut it. To fix this we have created custom size guides specific to each swimsuit that look like this.

Burnt orange modest tankini top


You can find each specific size guide in the third product image of each swimsuit, or you can find your swimsuit below and follow the link to the blog post with that suits product details.  


Find Your Swimsuit

One Pieces

Black Sands One Piece

Amber One Piece 

 Everglade One Piece

Havana One Piece Swimsuit

Mauna Loa One Piece 

Obsidian One Piece

Tahoe One Piece


 Two Pieces

 Himalaya Top 

Mica Bottoms

Sol Top

Jasmine High Waisted Bottoms

Sandstone Top

Jasmine Top

Beige High Waisted Bottoms 

Dahlia High Waisted Bottoms 

Dahlia Top 

Ebony High Waisted Bottoms 

Ebony Top

Pismo High Waisted Bottoms

Pismo Top


I hope that you find this size guide resource helpful and will help you pick the perfect fitting swimsuit! 


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