Obsidian One Piece Size Guide

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The Obsidian One Piece Swimsuit is a remake of a classic best selling bathing suit, the Havana One-Piece. The Havana was an instant favorite, not just because of the cute cheetah like pattern but because the fit was super flattering and fit on everyone that ordered it! So we knew as soon as we released it that we would be adding it in a new color, which we hardly ever do since we try to make each swimsuit unique! The Obsidian is a ribbed black one-piece swimsuit that is the perfect mix of timeless, and trendy. Super soft material, and so flattering on any body type- it’s the perfect bathing suit! This modest black swimsuit features a straight neckline and gold clasp in the back, providing great bust support while still keeping an open back. Straps tie making it super adjustable and nursing friendly swimsuit.



Size Chart 

Modest black one piece bathing suit


Body types that the Obsidian One Piece works best on:

The Obsidian works on most body shapes like I mentioned above, it works especially well for tall girls with longer torsos because of the functional elastic straps that can be adjusted based on your height. It is also made out of the softest material you've ever felt in your life, which also happens to be very stretchy making it work well for pregnant ladies. 

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