Which High-Waisted Bottoms are Best for You? A Breakdown of Our Options-

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The best thing about two-piece swimsuits is the ability to mix and match styles HOWEVER you'd like! (That, and they're SO much easier to go to the bathroom in...but that's beside the point!)

The hard part now, is deciding which pair of bottoms you want to commit to! 

Here at Geode Swimwear, we have plenty of prints/colors of suits, but we also have several different cuts and styles, that are all loved for so many different reasons!

So, here's a breakdown on the different cuts we offer, and why they might be the bottoms for you!


High Waisted Bottoms with Elastic Waistband

These swimsuit bottoms are Classic to Geode Swimwear- they're one of the very first styles of bottoms we released, and they continue to be one of our top sellers! Our customers love these bottoms because they have a thick, elastic waistband that keeps them in place PERFECTLY. No more fidgeting to keep your bottoms up! These ones offer our traditional modest booty coverage, and many of them have our "seamless" style leg holes- meaning they have a super soft, stretchy seam that keeps they incredibly comfy around the legs (great for thicker thighs or sensitive bikini line areas!)

modest high waisted bikini bottoms cute womens swimwear


Jasmine High-Waisted Bottoms

Dahlia High-Waisted Bottoms

Laguna High-Waisted Bottoms

Ebony High-Waisted Bottoms


High Waisted Bottoms with Side Panels

These high waisted bottoms feature classic seams around the waist and leg holes. So the leg holes may not be as stretchy as our seamless leg-hole bottoms, but they do stay in place super well! These swimsuit bottoms also feature a stylish side panel that adds a little extra flair and a slight slimming effect. Whats not to love?!

modest high waisted bikini bottoms cute womens swimwear


Mica High-Waisted Bottoms

Neptune High-Waisted Bottoms


Seamless High Waisted Bottoms

Looking for the most comfortable swimsuit bottoms you'll ever wear? These are the bottoms for you! These bottoms feature a seamless-style stitch around the waistband and legs that is super soft and stretchy, so they're incredibly comfortable and conform to your body so well! Now, keep in mind that these are not true "seamless", they're just a much softer seam that has a similar feel!

modest high waisted bikini bottoms cute womens swimwear


Poppy High-Waisted Bottoms

Havana High-Waisted Bottoms

August High-Waisted Bottoms


High Waisted Bottoms With a Higher Hip Cut

These swimsuit bottoms with a slightly higher hip cut are our most recent addition, and they are already widely loved! These bottoms feature traditional seams on the legs a waistband. What we love about these is the slightly higher cut leg holes, so they come up just a little higher on the hips which is oh-so-flattering on so many body types! The best part? These bottoms maintain modest booty coverage, so you don't have to sacrifice coverage for style!

modest high waisted bikini bottoms cute womens swimwear


Oahu High-Waisted Bottoms

High-Tide Bottoms

Vegas High-Waisted Bottoms


Even with all that information, it's still so hard to pick! Which are your favorite?

-The Geode Team

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