Oahu Two Piece Size Guide

Posted by Jenna Duncan on

The Oahu Tankini Top


The Oahu Tankini Set is the perfect two piece swimsuit for almost any body type. The top features an aqua green color with a gorgeous crepe/crinkle texture that gives it an extra layer to its unique design. This suit is perfect if you are wanting a more full coverage modest top will cover more of your stomach, it also features adjustable straps making it perfect for longer torsos. The top also features a shelf bra and removable pads.


The Oahu High Waisted Bikini Bottoms 


The Oahu High Waisted Bikini Bottoms obviously go perfectly matched with the top but they also would look amazing paired with the Oahus sister suit the High Tide Two Piece. These beautiful bikini bottoms feature the same crepe/crinkle texture as well as a slightly wider leg cut but still offering full booty coverage. (Disclaimer; The amount of booty coverage always depends on the size of the booty. The booty coverage that you see in the pictures of the models does not guarantee that is the coverage that you will also have.) 

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