The Best Thing About Our Two Piece Swimsuits? All The Mix & Match Potential!

Posted by Jenna Duncan on

Whats one of the best thing about two piece swimsuits?

Allll the mix and match potential! 

Here at geode swimwear, we currently have 18 different options of modest and more full coverage women's swim tops, and 21 different options of high waisted-swimsuit bottoms and swim shorts!

SO many of these swimsuit tops and bottoms are specifically designed so they'll match a wide variety of other options. So while we may only show one or two combinations on our website, the possibilities are endless!

We encourage our customers to experiment- mix and match with different prints, textures, and patterns to find a swimsuit combination that really speaks to them! 

With so many options for swim tops and swim bottoms (and more always in the works), it can be hard to decide what you want! 

So be sure to check out the video below for a little inspiration on your next dream swimsuit!

-The Geode Team

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