Top 5 Favorite Winter Getaways

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Looking for the perfect winter getaway to bring your Geode swimsuit? Just because swimsuit season has ended doesn’t mean your swimsuit has to be retired for the rest of the year. Keep that suit from being packed into storage and book that winter trip! Whether you want something local or a bit more exotic, we have the perfect recommendation! We, as the Geode team, have come together to create a list of our top favorite winter getaways to share with you!

The Pagosa Springs Resort

Hot and steamy, you’ll for sure want to pack your swimsuits for this winter getaway spot! The Pagosa Springs in Colorado has 25 different pools that you can choose from depending on the vibe you’re going for. Relaxing, quiet, ready for a thrill, or just there to have a good time, The Springs Resort has it all! Year-round activities include fitness classes, skiing, kayaking, hiking and more! With plenty of exciting things to do in and around the resort, this is sure to be a go-to when booking that winter vacation! hot springs resort

Arizona Grand Resort

The Arizona Grand is a beautiful resort attached to an exciting family friendly water park, all located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. This luxury desert oasis also features 6 additional resort pools which will give you plenty of opportunities to wear your favorite Geode suit and strut your stuff! The resort also includes a full-service spa and a lush golf course, all topped off with a variety of delicious dining options. Staying in one of the finely decorated suites or charming villas, the Arizona Grand Resort will give you all the comforts and leave you with a home away from home type of experience. water park

Tulum Mexico

Our next favorite winter getaway location has to be Tulum Mexico as it offers a little bit of everything. Amazing beaches, beautiful jungles, cenotes and Mayan ruins makes for an exciting vacation, not to mention the amazing weather for the time of year will make you want to dress up your suit and wear it everywhere you go! If you do plan a visit to Tulum this winter, make sure you check out the tours through the cenote caves, as the breathtaking ride will definitely be an unforgettable experience! beach

Maple Grove Hot Springs

Maple Grove Hot springs is located in Thatcher, Idaho right off the banks of the Oneida river. This gorgeous getaway is hidden in the mountains and is the perfect place for those wanting a cabin in the woods type of feel. The whole retreat center is focused on reconnecting to oneself and nature while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Visitors can either drop in to enjoy a dip in the 4 natural hot springs, or book a stay in a stone shelter, yurt, cabin, or an outdoor camp site. Either way, your Geode suit will thank you as you soak in the mineral rich waters of the springs. Visiting in the winter truly becomes a magical experience if you’re lucky enough to be soaking during a fresh snowfall. hot springs

Kauai Hawaii

What kind of list of winter getaways would this be if we didn’t include Hawaii!? So of course, our last winter getaway recommendation has to be Kauai, Hawaii. With perfect beaches and amazing natural beauty, you’ll be packing those swimsuits into your suitcase faster than you can book the vacation itself! Top activities to do in Kauai also include snorkeling, ziplining, or taking an air tour over the ocean! Kauai might just be the most underrated island of Hawaii as it features plenty of hidden gems in the lush landscapes and gives off a less “touristy” vibe. With quieter beaches and smaller resorts, Kauai could just be that peaceful, laid back vacation that you’re craving! kauai beaches 

We hope you enjoy our top favorite winter getaway spots as much as we do! Whichever winter getaway you choose, you deserve to have the cutest swimsuit to take with you! Not only do we have great vacation recommendations, but Geode also has an amazing collection of swimsuits for you to pick from to make your winter getaway that much better!

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