5 Ideas for Healthy New Year’s Resolutions 2023

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If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to commit to some new year’s resolutions for 2023. There’s always so much pressure around setting the perfect resolutions, right at the beginning of the year, that we often forget that goals can and should be set periodically throughout the year! So don’t call it quits yet if you haven’t had the time to sit down and think through some meaningful resolutions for 2023! We’re here to help break down what a healthy goal should be and give you some ideas to make this YOUR year!

Resolutions centered around doing something perfectly, without fail and for a consistent amount of time are not always the most attainable and often leave us more discouraged than they should! Goals and resolutions should be all about self-growth and improvement, but also having some mercy on ourselves when things don’t go perfectly. After all, getting back up and trying again is what self-improvement is all about.

To give you a head start on some ideas for healthy goals you can set, we at Geode have come up with 5 meaningful resolutions for this year that we want to share! In fact, we encourage you to adopt any ideas that resonate with you and adapt them to fit into your life and what you want to accomplish in the new year!

Our first idea is one that we at Geode are very passionate about. We want to encourage you to set a goal revolving around body positivity and not letting insecurities get in the way from doing the things you love. Make a goal this year to be more present in activities with your kids, family or friends instead of letting how your body looks stop you from enjoying the things that truly matter. And if those activities happen to involve swimming, we have the perfect suit here at Geode to help you feel confident so you can stop worrying and start living again!

Next we wanted to highlight setting a goal around acknowledging toxic and unhealthy diet culture and making a plan to keep yourself doing what feels right to you. When we let ourselves fall for whatever new trend is “in” regarding dieting, it can get dangerous, as what might work for one person, won’t always work for another person. On the other hand, when we choose to consciously listen to our own body and it’s needs, we are making a much more mindful choice that will bring more benefits in the end, like living a happy, healthier, guilt free life.

The third idea we wanted to share with you for the new year is to not only make taking care of your body a priority, but also to change the way you might look at exercise. We encourage you to choose to workout as a reward for your body, instead of as a punishment. Exercise can be such a good tool in helping you feel happy, energized and grateful for your body. So, lets turn away from forcing ourselves to exercise because of an unhappiness we may feel with physical appearance, and instead do it because of a deeper appreciation we have for our bodies.

Another goal to appreciate our bodies more and take time for ourselves is to participate in self-care on a regular basis. Whether this is giving yourself some alone time away from the kids, or developing a talent or even just working on a hobby that makes you feel fulfilled, self-care is always needed and can be so renewing. Self-care looks different for everyone, but making a goal to schedule in some “you” time can go a long way in cultivating a happier life.

Finally the last goal suggestion we have is focused on something that many women struggle with. Oftentimes we women tend to try to only focus on others until we become chronic “people pleasers”. While caring about other’s needs is important, we need to be careful to not become pushovers. This goal involves being able to say “no” when our plates become full. Setting healthy boundaries and being able to care for yourself first, is critical in then being able to show up and be your best self for the other people in your life.

Hopefully our ideas helped to inspire you to set your own resolutions for the new year! There is always so much pressure to being perfect when setting new goals, and we just want to remind you to go easy on yourself and just work a little bit everyday! We here at Geode want to wish you a happy new year!

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