Summer Hair Care- Our Top 5 Tips

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Whether your locks are long, short, curly or straight, we all know that hair can be a little high maintenance. Caring for your hair is of course, a year round thing, but hair tends to need a little extra TLC in the summer with all the swimming and outdoor adventures you’re bound to go on. From what products to use, to how to style your hair, even the simplest of routines can make a huge difference when it comes to healthy hair! I myself have been on a journey to have the healthiest hair possible and have learned a few things that have actually surprised me with how easy they are to incorporate into my hair care routine! With  the summer months approaching, I want to share 5 tips to help protect your hair when swimming, taking a day on the lake or going to the beach.

cute easy beach hairstyles braids

1.First, don’t underestimate the power of a good hairstyle! And I don’t just mean how your Hairstylist cuts your hair. I’m talking about all the clever ways to pull up and tie back your hair! Some of my personal favorite cute beach hairstyles are all about the braids! French and Dutch braids are so convenient if you will be outside and in the wind. It keeps hair out of your face, but also protects it from getting tangled! Braids can also be pulled back into a ponytail or bun for even less worries about hair getting in the way! There are so many easy ways to incorporate braids into a hairstyle that will have your hair thanking you. My other go-to hairstyles for water just require your favorite claw clip! No damage from hair ties and still so easy and quick while staying fashionable!

white one piece swimsuit in the water rinsing off

2. If you are spending the day at the pool, a simple tip that might not have even crossed your mind has to do with protecting your hair from chlorine and/or salt water. Yes, you’ll almost certainly get your hair wet during your swim in the pool, but surprisingly enough, getting your hair wet before and after your swim can actually do wonders for your hair! Hair is like a sponge and so it will soak in whatever is put on it. That’s why giving your hair a good rinse with fresh, clean water before the pool can help protect it from absorbing as much chlorine. Similarly, rinsing your hair immediately after getting out of the pool, whether that's taking a shower, or even just running fresh water through your hair, is much healthier for your hair than leaving the chlorine in overnight!

purple tankini swimsuit hair in a towel

3. My third tip, and maybe even my favorite, is all about hair products! I have a soft head (and a weak pain tolerance) and so combing through my hair after it has been tangled up in the water can turn into an absolute disaster. This is where investing in a high quality conditioner can be a life-saver! Having a good conditioner to use after the pool is so important to prevent extra hair breakage and loss from brushing through those tough after-swimming tangles! A leave-in conditioner is also so nice to have and can even be used before getting in the pool (remember, hair is like a sponge and will soak in whatever is put on it)! I also have just recently discovered hair oil and boy does a good hair oil mask make a difference on dry hair! Definitely snag some good natural hair oil for the summer months!

rust orange tankini swimsuit sunhat

4. You don’t have to be having a bad hair day for you to throw on a hat! Protecting your hair from the sun is almost just as important as protecting your hair from the water! While the harmful rays of the sun can damage sensitive or color-treated hair, it can also do a number on your scalp. I’ve been sunburned where my hair parts, too many times and I can testify- it is NOT fun! Using sunscreen of course is a great option too, but I’ve found it can be tricky to get it in all the right spots and can leave your hair looking and feeling greasy! That’s why wearing a stylish sun hat or even a cute baseball cap is one of my top hair care tips!

black bikini swimsuit plunge neckline

5. Last but not least, hop on the heatless curls trend! There are so many cool techniques to get amazing beach curls overnight. Less is more, especially when it comes to heat! The summer months can already get pretty toasty and so eliminating any extra unnecessary heat can really change your hair game! That being said, if you do feel the need to use a hot tool, try to make the style last as long as possible by using dry shampoo and washing your hair less often. Afterall, over washing hair can also be harmful so it's really a “kill two birds with one stone” type of thing!

 Summer is practically here and your hair will thank you for giving it the extra care it needs through the next few months. I hope these tips were helpful and can maybe even be the start to your own healthy hair journey!

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