Swimsuit Colors That Make You Look Tan

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We all love to look a little tan when summer finally rolls around. Some of us are lucky enough to have naturally tan skin, others of us can get a great tan by being outdoors, and then there’s also those of us that need a bit of help from a great self tanner! (check out our top favorite self tanners!) 

No matter which of these categories you fall in, no one can deny what the right colors can do to help enhance the tan that you do have! 

Skin Undertones

When talking about skin color, we must first talk about skin undertones. There are 3 main types of skin undertones: 

  • Warm
  • Cool 
  • Neutral 

If you want a deeper dive into the skin undertones, and how to know which one you have, we have another blog post that explains all about it: The Best Color Swimsuits For Pale Skin

In this blog we’re going to focus on the colors that can make you look tan or compliment your already-tan skin! 

Knowing which skin undertone you have is the first step in figuring out what colors will help make you look your tannest! Depending on which skin undertone you have, you’ll want to pick a swimsuit color that is opposite to that! Remember, you want your skin to pop! It’s all about contrast! Take a look at the skin tone color wheel below for reference! 

As a rule of thumb, lighter colors in general will usually make you look tanner than you are, the trick is to pick the right color hue to complement your skin tone!

Keep It Light

Because it’s all about contrast, if you want a swimsuit that will make you look tan, you’ll want to shop for lighter colored suits! Think baby blue, lavender and dusty pink. The light hues in these colors will do wonders for bringing out the tan and really making your skin the star of the show! 


Warm It Up

Another trick to pick clothes that make you look tan is to stay towards the warm colors. If you are naturally a bit more pale, then your skin tone is most likely going to be cool and your opposite is going to be something warm! This means that reds oranges and yellows are going to be your best friend! 


Choose Your Neutrals Wisely

The last thing to think about, is unless you’ve decided you have a neutral skin tone, usually neutral colored clothes or swimsuits won’t do much to bring out the tan. In fact they could even wash you out if you’re not careful about which neutral hue you wear. If you’re a girl who loves everything beige and has a closet full of neutrals then, of course shop for what you know you like! There are some neutral colors that will help your skin pop and others that won’t! A good taupe and a trusty beige are always good options if you know neutrals are your thing! 


Finding a swimsuit that fits and flatters your figure is one thing, but choosing a color to match your skin tone and enhance your tan is the real game changer! Luckily we’ve got plenty of suits here at Geode Swimwear to help you feel like your best, beautiful self! 



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