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Summer is finally here and that means it’s time to show a little more skin! So pack up the sweaters and dust off all the tees, tanks and shorts because the sun is out and here to stay! 

With warmer weather comes cooler clothes and the chance to get that tan on! Tanning beds are becoming less popular as health risks are becoming more well known and sunbaking can also be harmful, not to mention timely! Enter self-tanners, the quickest, easiest and healthiest way to achieve beautiful bronzed skin!

 But with so many options these days, how can you know which self tanner to pick? Quality, price, color and ingredients are all things to consider when searching for that perfect tan in a bottle. The search can be long and expensive with lots of trial and error, but no need to worry, because we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you! We as a Geode Team have tested out dozens of different brands of self tanner and have compiled a list of our favorites just for you! 

From lotion to face drops to mousse, read on to find the perfect self tanner option for you! 

coco and eve self tanner great reviews easy cheap

Coco & Eve Bronzing Foam

This is a great option if you are wanting to try a self tanning mousse for the first time (and for lots of times after that too!) but are unsure of how to start. There’s an option to purchase this one as a set with an application mitt, face brush and back applicator included! There are also 3 different color options: Medium, Dark, and Ultra dark so you can control your tan and find the best shade for your skin! It has a very subtle smell and contains green undertones so you won’t have to worry about that embarrassing orange self tan mishaps! 

tan luxe face drops tan luxe self tanner tanning face drops

Tan-Luxe Tanning Drops 

If you’ve never tried tanning drops before, you’re missing out! Tanning drops are primarily for the face and are the easiest way to incorporate tanning into your routine as it turns your daily moisturizer into a self tanner! Tan Luxe Tanning drops are one of our top favorite picks when it comes to self tanning! These drops are a gradual self tanner so you can go as dark as you want depending on how much you mix in to your moisturizer! We love a customizable tan. 

salty face self tanner tanning foam for beginners

SaltyFace Tanning Foam 

The SaltyFace Tanning Foam is another winner with its clean formula and light foam that applies clear. No need to worry about color transfer with this one! It’s a gradual color adjuster and doesn’t need to be washed off right afterwards, which is amazing for on the go Tanners! The depth of your tan is dependent upon how long you wait to wash it off so the color is completely customizable. It also fades beautifully and doesn’t leave the dreaded after-tan patches. Salty face definitely makes the list for must-try self tanners! 

loving tan self tanner light medium dark ultra dark

LovingTan Deluxe Gradual Tan

If tanning foam sounds a bit intimidating, we also love the Deluxe Gradual Tan by LovingTan! This self tanner comes in a lotion and is hydrating for the skin while still giving the most natural and beautiful tan! It can be applied on the whole body and can even replace your daily moisturizer! This beauty is the best 2 in 1 self tanner around! It also includes high quality ingredients so as not to be irritating, while still accommodating all skin types! 

self tanning f or beginners south seas tanning foam

South Seas Sea Foam Tanning Mousse 

This tanning mousse is great for beginners and experts alike and works like a dream! It comes out as a deep brown colored foam which gives you color INSTANTLY! No waiting around for the tan to develop on this one! You also won’t have to worry about this tanner rubbing off on your sheets or clothes! And the best part, (as if it could get any better) the subtle mango scent! Say goodbye to that terrible self tanner smell! Be sure to have an application mitt on hand to achieve the flawless tan of your dreams! 

So if you’re someone who feels their best in tan skin, you’ll want to try some of our favorite self tanners out ASAP! Whether you’re a beginner to self tanning or an experienced veteran, skip the sunburn and go straight to feeling tan and confident this summer!

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