Our Top 5 Best Selling One Piece Swimsuits

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Everybody loves a two piece swimsuit because of how easy and functional they are but there's just something about the way a one piece swimsuit looks that you just can't beat. Personally we could never pick our favorite one piece swimsuits because we love them all, however the numbers don't lie and we know exactly which one pieces are our customers favorites. So here are our top selling one piece swimsuits currently as of March 2022! 


 Cute modest blue one piece swimsuit.

Shop the Pacific One Piece 


The Pacific One Piece is our number one selling one piece for obvious reasons, I mean just look at it? The Pacific features a very cute modest cut with a high neck scoop as well as an open back and functional zipper that gives this one piece great chest support. The floral print is also to die for, featuring a navy blue color and a ditsy white floral pattern. The fit of this one piece makes it perfect for active days at the beach or pool and you won't have to worry about anything slipping out ;)



Cute modest retro floral one piece swimsuit.

Shop the Flora One Piece  


 The Flora One Piece checks all the boxes for all your retro modest one piece needs! This one piece swimsuit features petite adjustable straps that adjusts and ties in the front, which also helps give it a little bit more chest support. Like all of our one piece swimsuits the Flora offers full booty coverage making it ideal for active or lounging beach day.


Cute modest white one piece swimsuit with full coverage.

Shop the Havana One Piece 


The Havana One Piece is hard to beat. This particular one piece has been on the top 5 best seller list since it was released last year, even though we've done our best to knock it off list. This is a top 5 seller for several reasons, style and look is probably number one on the list followed closely by comfort and fit. The Havana One Piece is made of a spandex/nylon ribbed material, same as the Obsidian One Piece, and it is extremely stretchy and comfortable. We don't currently carry any maternity specific suits but when someone asks for maternity swim suit recommendations the Havana is almost always at the top of the list because of how stretchy and comfy it is. 


Light blue full coverage one piece swimsuit

Shop the Tahoe One Piece 


The Tahoe One Piece is another classic suit that always seems to be in the top 5 every month. The Tahoe One Piece features a similar textured material to the Havana but slightly less stretchy and a little more shallow ribbed texture. One of my favorite details about this suit is the square neckline and how flattering it is on all body types. Like all of our one pieces it features the same full booty coverage as well as a scoop in the back the ends in a square just like the neckline. 


White scoop back one piece swimsuit

Shop the High Tide One Piece 


The High Tide One piece came in at number 5 for one pieces this past month and it was also one of the newest suits on the top five list. White swimsuits are scary, we totally get it, there is see through potential when it gets wet, stains from getting dirty or sandy. We understand this is a fear so we put this suit through the ringer when it comes to product testing, for more details on that check out this blog post. Once you get past the fear of owning a white swimsuit this is the suit to get. It features elegant adjustable straps and the cutest scoop neckline and scoop back as well as the cutest crinkled texture fabric. 

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