Our Top 5 One-Piece Swimsuits Recommended for Maternity

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First of all, congratulations! Pregnancy is such a beautiful time, and all of us here at Geode Swimwear are wishing you the absolute best in this exciting journey!

With this growing baby, comes a growing belly! And with that comes the new challenge of finding clothing that fits you well. We want you to continue to feel comfortable and confident-so, we've compiled a list of our top 5 one-piece swimsuits that work best for pregnancy! 

Now, you may have noticed that we don't currently offer any maternity-specific swimsuits, but that doesn't mean you can rock a Geode Swimsuit during your pregnancy! Our swimsuits are made with super soft, stretchy materials that will stretch with you as your belly grows!

Typically, we recommend ordering your typical size in our swimsuits. However, if you'll be wearing your swimsuit into the third trimester, you may want to consider sizing up to give yourself a little extra room! 

That being said, lets jump right in to our top maternity choices! (Note that these are not listed in any particular order-just random!)

1. Havana One-Piece Swimsuit

This swimsuit is probably our most-loved by expecting mommas! This one piece has it ALL. A super fun, flattering pattern-because who says maternity wear has to be boring? This fabric is super soft and stretchy, so it works great for a growing tummy. The straight across neckline combined with shelf bra gives it great bust support. The best part of all? This swimsuit has functional tying straps, making it nursing friendly! We are allll for a swimsuit that works great during pregnancy and after!

2. Mauna Loa One-Piece Swimsuit

The Mauna Loa One Piece has been one of our top recommended swimsuits since we first released it-this suit seems to work on almost anyone! This suit features a gorgeous, lightly shimmery rust colored fabric thats oh-so-soft and stretchy. This color looks great on all different skin tones! We love the thick straps that offer great bust support, and the two ties in the back make this one piece super adjustable, so it's sure to provide a great fit. 

3. Catalina One-Piece Swimsuit

Want to up the glamour factor a bit more? Then the Catalina One-Piece is the suit for you! This mauve pink swimsuit has the most gorgeous glittery fabric that is STUNNING when it hits the sun! You're gonna look like a goddess in this one. The Catalina has thick straps that keep you supported, and a closed back that gives a little extra support to your tummy. Note that the fabric on this one is a little less stretchy, so we do recommend sizing up on this one if you'll be wearing it during pregnancy!

4. Obsidian One-Piece Swimsuit

We all love a classic black one piece swimsuit-and we love this one even more because it works BEAUTIFULLY for pregnancy! This one is the exact same cut as our Havana One-Piece, so you know its a good one. Comfortable, stretchy, flattering, nursing friendly-what more could you want? 

5. Tangerine One-Piece Swimsuit

This one-piece swimsuit has pregnant women all over the country getting excited! You'll be sure to turn heads in the gorgeous orange Tangerine One-Piece-its just the perfect swimsuit for summer! We love the adjustable drawstring sides on this one, they make it an easy fit for any length of torso and provide extra material for your growing belly. This one also features adjustable straps for just the right fit. Keep in mind that we do suggest sizing up on this one to be sure it works throughout your pregnancy! 


6. August One-Piece Swimsuit

This is our newest one piece swimsuit from our 2022 spring collection and is seriously perfect for maternity! The August features a slightly longer torso giving is plenty of space to stretch with a bump, as well as the pattern of the gingham makes the bump look even cuter than it already does. This one piece also features a v-neck back and neckline making it super easy to nurse in post pregnancy! 


Cant wait for you to find your new favorite swimsuit!


-The Geode Team


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