Bathing Suits for Hourglass Body Type

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Knowing what body type you have can help guide you in picking clothing (and swimsuits!) that best suits your figure. In this article, we’ll focus on the hour glass body type. First step, is to figure out which body type you have if you aren’t already sure. For the hourglass body type, it looks just like how it’s sounds. It’s the classic feminine figure of having a bust and hips of the same width, complimented by a defined smaller waist. 

hourglass body types silhouette

If you’re still not sure which body type you have, here’s a few celebrity examples so you can see what a real life hourglass body type looks like. 

Kim Kardashian black dress hourglass figurebeyonce white dress hourglass figure


Bodies with this shape look best in form fitting clothing that accentuates the waist. If you’ve got the amazing figure of an hourglass, use your natural curves and show them off by keeping it simple! Here’s an easy list of do’s and don’ts when dressing an hourglass figure:


  • accentuate the waist
  • Pick form fitted clothing
  • Keep it simple 


  • choose boxy cuts
  • Wear wide sleeves 
  • Have bold, loud patterns 

Choosing a swimsuit that best defines your figure is a bit different than everyday wear. One great tip we have for finding the perfect swimsuit is to focus on the neckline and overall figure of the suit itself! That way your sure to get a silhouette that only adds to your natural body shape! 

See the graphic below for the best necklines for the hourglass body type: 

hourglass body types best necklines

Now the real question is, where can I find a swimsuit that looks best on an hourglass body type? Taking into consideration the best shapes and styles for an hourglass figure, we’ve curated a list of the best swimsuits to flatter an hourglass body types! 

Lotus One-Piece

The sweetheart neckline in the Lotus plus and option of wearing the straps off the shoulder create one of the most perfect combinations of looks to flatter the hourglass figure! 

floral one piece swimsuit modest for women sweetheart neckline

Indigo One-Piece

With a nice scoop neck and bold color, we’re keeping it simple in the Indigo one piece by really playing to the natural curves of this body type. 

cobalt blue royal blue one piece swimsuit

Fern One-Piece

Even softer scoop necks like on the Fern One-Piece can look great plus the white trim really does wonders in outlining the hourglass figure. 

forest green one piece swimsuit for women white outline

Agave One-Piece

Here’s a good square neck featured in the Agave suit that still keeps the simplicity of showing off the figure, but adds a little bit of uniqueness with a complimenting neckline. 

sage green modest one piece for women smocked

Mauna Loa One-Piece

And to complete the list, the stunning Mauna Loa suit with the perfect v neck cut is sure to show off your best features! 

copper rust color one piece for women modest

Just remember, when choosing clothing or a swimsuit that best fits your hourglass body type, the most important thing is to find something that makes you feel beautiful! So if you need to ignore some rules, or add your own, do it! Because after all clothing is meant to make us happy and you know what looks and feels best on you! 


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