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Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. In a previous article we talked about the best swimsuits for hourglass body types. Now let’s talk about the rectangle body shape and all the tips and tricks to dressing this particular silhouette. Before we jump in, we just want to remind you that all body shapes and sizes are beautiful and you may not be able to classify yourself as just one body type. Many people are a combination of body types since there are no cookie cutters for people and all bodies are one of a kind. 


Let’s first quickly go over the features that make up a true rectangle body type. Just like the name implies, there are less curves and more straight lines to this body shape. People who have rectangle body types typically have a less defined waist and their bust and hips are usually about the same width. Rectangle bodies also tend to have a slender figure and oftentimes are tall as well. 

rectangle body shape type illustration

Celebrity Examples

If you’re still having troubles deciding what body type you have, here’s two popular celebrities with rectangle body shapes as an example: Paris Hilton & Kate Hudson

Paris Hilton rectangle body shape   Kate Hudson Rectangle Body Type


Here's an at-a-glance look at some quick tips for dressing a rectangle body type, especially when it comes to swimsuits!


  • Look for waist defining clothing 
  • Wear traditional swim bottoms instead of shorts
  • Choose clothing with patterns 


  • Wear a straight across neckline 
  • Choose clothing with a boxy silhouette 
  • Forget about balance! (don’t add volume to the shoulders without adding to the bust as well)

Recommended Swimsuits 

Here at Geode Swimwear we have swimsuits to suit every shape size and color! Read on to discover some of our top picks for women with rectangle body shapes!

Midnight Two-Piece

The deep v neck and perfect cropped length will give the straight lines of a rectangle body shape some definition. Black is also a great color for rectangle shapes! This cut also comes in a pattern-check out the Rio suit!

 Midnight two piece black tankini modest swimsuit for women

Indigo Two-Piece

The asymmetry shape of this suit will complement a rectangle body type so well! And again the cropped length is a great way to help define the waist! 

 royal cobalt blue two piece modest women's bikini

Grapefruit Two-Piece

The silhouette of the Grapefruit creates a hourglass shape by itself, so of course, this one will do wonders in creating some curves on a rectangle body shape. 

 Grapefruit two piece modest tankini bikini for women coral color

Vegas Two-Piece

The subtle scoop neck of the Vegas top plus the higher leg cut on the bottoms are the perfect combination to add a bit more shape to a straighter body type. Plus you can’t go wrong with a fun print! (Check out the Flora for another beautiful print in the same great cut!) 

 lime green modest tankini for women vegas bikini

Pacific One-Piece

The pacific one piece has a more defined scoop neck with an open back. With a beautiful print, this suit will help soften the lines of a rectangle body shape and add a more feminine figure! And the best part? This one also comes in another print/color option! Check out the Terra

 blue and white floral one piece modest swimsuit for women

When choosing a swimsuit that best complements your unique body shape, just keep in mind that while these tips can be helpful, the most important thing is to choose something that makes you feel beautiful! 


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