2024 Swimsuit Trends

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Beach season is upon us, and that means it's time to dust off your swimsuit... or, more likely, invest in a brand new one because let's face it, who can resist the allure of poolside fashion? But before you get lost in a sea of the same old styles and cuts of swimwear- here's a quick guide to the hottest swimsuit trends of 2024:

Throwing it back:

The 90s are back in a big way, and that goes for swimwear too. Think high leg cut swim bottoms minimalist bandeau tops. Think "Friends" opening credits, but make it fashion.

Some of our favorite trendy swimsuits that have elements from our childhood days in the 90's are the Porto Bikini, Catania One Piece, and Celeste One Piece. You won't go wrong with the bandeau style top on the Porto and the ultra-flattering high leg cut on these modest swimsuits.

Porto Bikini

Catania One Piece

Metal Mania:

Forget boring old gold. This year, it's all about metallic hues that will have you looking like a shimmering mermaid goddess. Just be prepared for the extra attention – you'll be out-shining the sun with the Mauna Loa One Piece!

Mauna Loa One Piece

    Surf's Up:

    Calling all sporty babes. The athleisure trend is making waves (pun intended) in swimwear. Think rash guards, boardshort bottoms, and plenty of zippers for that cool, surfer-chic vibe. The Monroe, Myrtle, and Sonora Sets check the boxes if this trend is your vibe.

    Monroe Two Piece

    Myrtle Two Piece

    Sonora Two Piece

    Cut-Out Capers:

    Strategic cut-outs are adding a daring and playful touch to swimsuits. Think peek-a-boo midriffs or asymmetrical one-shoulder tops. Just be sure to place those cut-outs strategically – poolside malfunctions are never a good look. You won't think twice about possible mishaps at the pool with the Indigo Two Piece, Ebony Two Piece, and Sol Two Piece.

    Indigo Two Piece

    Ebony Two Piece

    Sol Two Piece

      Monochrome Magic:

      Can't decide between a bold print or a classic black? Why not have both? Black and white is back in a big way, offering a timeless look that will never go out of style. The High Tide Two Piece, Midnight Two Piece, and Havana One Piece speak for themselves- all three have been long-time customer favorites and continue to be in 2024.

      Mix and Match Mania:

      Who says you have to stick to a matching bikini set? This year, it's all about mixing and matching tops and bottoms from different colors and patterns. Let your inner fashionista run wild and create a look that's uniquely you! The Kokkini Top paired with the Mica Bottoms and the Sandstone Top paired with the Ebony Bottoms are a couple of our personal favorites. Go here to see what other fun mix and matching you can do with our trendy and modest bikini tops and bottoms!

      Kokkini Top & Mica Bottoms

      Full-Coverage Fun:

      Not everyone wants to bare it all, and that's perfectly okay! This year, there's a huge selection of stylish one-pieces and high-waisted bikinis that offer more coverage without sacrificing an inch of cute. Some popular, trendy, and modest swimsuit options at your fingertips are the Costa One Piece, Lotus One Piece, and Pacific Bikini.

      Finding Your Neutral Oasis

      If all the glitz and glam isn't your style, don't worry – neutrals are having a major moment this year too. Here's how to rock the neutral swimsuit trend:

      • Classic Chic: Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a timeless black one-piece or a high-waisted bikini. It's simple, sophisticated, and never goes out of style. The Obsidian One Piece and Florence One Piece will meet your needs perfectly in this department.
        • Earthy Escape: Embrace the natural world with a swimsuit in a rich chocolate brown, a warm terracotta, or a sandy beige. These colors are flattering on all skin tones and look effortlessly cool. Shop these earthy colored modest swimsuits now:

        • Seafoam Serenity: Feeling light and breezy? A pale pistachio green or a soft dove gray is the perfect way to evoke the calming vibes of the ocean. Shop this peaceful trend of 2024 now:

          So there you have it! With these trends in mind, you're sure to make a splash (literally or figuratively) at the pool or beach this summer. Remember, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in whatever you wear. Now go and conquer summer in style. 

          xoxo, Geode Swimwear

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