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Don't get me wrong, there's a certain charm to being a poolside potato. Sunshine, good company, frosty drinks – it's the vacation dream. But honestly, after a while, we start to feel like melted popsicles. Our souls crave a little adventure, a waterfall over a boring sprinkler, a hidden cave instead of the pool's shallow end. Give us dirt under our fingernails and a story to tell, not just another tan line.

This guide will transform you from fashion faux pas to fearless water warrior. We'll navigate the depths of modest and athletic swimwear options for adventure, find hidden gems for various water activities, and have you conquering waves and waterfalls in style.

Suit Up for Splashdowns

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving: Your underwater odyssey demands a snug fit. Look for full-coverage and tougher fabric in your search for swimwear for this water adventure. These swimsuits not only provide crucial sun protection,  but also keep you warm in cooler water depths:

This athletic and comfortable full-coverage one-piece swimsuit is sure to help you feel bold yet secure on your next snorkeling or scuba diving adventure. From the adjustable straps to the structured and durable fabric- the Fern is the perfect choice for an active day! 
Optimal bust support will be the last of your worries with this gem. From the details of the open back to those supportive and thick straps with a secure gold clasp- this modest and supportive one piece swimsuit is the perfect option if you're looking for a more feminine and flirty print to compliment your athletic day in the water. Who says you can't have both?
  • Paddleboarding & Surfing: Catching waves or conquering currents requires a balance of mobility and coverage. Swim shorts with built-in liners offer excellent leg movement. A sporty bikini or tankini with a supportive top or long sleeves allows for coverage and comfort that will last all day long on your board.

A long sleeve top protects you from the sun while you shred the gnar. ;) The Kokkini top, featuring a crew neck is sure to provide comfort, and the full-coverage high-waisted Mica Bottoms will provide protection from the sun while you enjoy the waves.
The Havasu Set is an athletic, supportive, and comfortable tankini that lets you move freely while catching waves. Offering full coverage with its trendy neckline, it'll be sure to protect you in those epic wipeouts (because everyone falls... eventually.)
Crafted from soft and stretchy fabric, this modest and trendy checkered bikini set is the perfect swimsuit for our surfer girls. Featuring a scoop neck and adjustable straps on the top and full-coverage boy shorts on the bottom, you'll be reaching for this beauty time and time again.
  • Hiking & Beach Volleyball: Who says adventure has to be aquatic? For those seeking a land-and-sea combo, a convertible swimsuit is your MVP. These versatile suits transform from full-coverage supportive hiking tops to stylish bikinis for beach volleyball dominance.

Nothing says "most valuable player" like comfort and great bust support. The Sonora Set is a crowd favorite for athletic adventures like hiking and volleyball because of its soft fabric and trendy high neckline for added coverage.
Like the timelessness of hiking and beach volleyball, the Pacific Set fits right in with its athletic and floral aesthetic featuring a scoop neck, thick straps, and our ultra-flattering leg cut. The perfect combination for a day filled with high-impact adventure. 
  • Boating (Knee boarding/Wakeboarding/Water Skiing): Get ready for high speeds and potential wipeouts! A life jacket is paramount, but underneath, choose a secure, form-fitting suit. Avoid anything too loose that could snag on equipment. We have some ideas in mind:

To our boaters: The Terra One Piece Swimsuit is the comfortable, supportive, stylish one piece swimsuit that you've been waiting for. This neutral brown swimsuit showcases a trendy high neckline, and a zip-closure back that will make you feel ultra-secure while on that wakeboard this summer.
If you're looking for a modest two piece for your lake days this summer, the Flora Set is already in your cart. ;) This full-coverage bikini features modest and secure high-waisted bottoms that you won't have to mess with all day and a top with adjustable straps for added security. Truly all that a girl needs on her next day on the boat.
  • Splash Pad Shenanigans: Little adventurers deserve big fun – and durable swimwear. Opt for comfortable material that offers stretch and coverage as you chase and pick up your little ones. A full coverage swim skirt or board shorts will be at the top of your packing list as you prep for your next hot date (literally) with the kiddos at the splash pad:

The Bella Top and Swim Skirt is the most iconic duo you've seen yet. The modest tankini top is mid-length offering great coverage for your tummy and back while you bend down to pick up your littles while the modest skirt includes an elastic waistband that keeps everything perfectly in place.
This modest and comfortable one piece swimsuit is made up entirely of thick, shirred fabric that keeps you feeling confident all day on the splash pad. Want a little more coverage? Throw on the Jasmine Swim Skirt to feel utterly confident while chasing your kiddos around.
Talk about more coverage without sacrificing style. The Monroe Set is made up of a gorgeous lavender purple and thick, crinkle-textured fabric that is high quality and built to last on all your adventures with the family. The thick straps and fuller coverage back and bottoms make this set the perfect option for a day on the splash pad.

    Pro Tips for the Adventurous Soul

    • Layering is Key: Pack a quick-drying swim skirt for added sun protection and warmth during water breaks.
    • Embrace the Cover-Up: A stylish button up and matching pant is a lifesaver for changing between activities or simply drying off in comfort.
    • Footwear Matters: Protect your feet with water shoes that provide traction on slippery surfaces and guard against sharp rocks or coral. 
    • Hydration Hero: Don't forget to pack a reusable water bottle and stay hydrated throughout your adventures.

    Because Adventure Isn't Always Perfect

    So there you have it. With the right swimwear and a dash of adventurer's spirit, you're ready to conquer any aquatic challenge (or at least look amazing while attempting to). Remember, comfort and confidence are key – so pick a swimsuit that makes you feel like the wave-riding waterfall-chasing legend you are! Now get out there and explore – the world (or at least the nearest splash pad) is waiting for you.

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