Cute Nursing Friendly Modest Swimsuits for Postpartum Moms

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You did it! You just made and birthed a BABY. And Mama- we are so proud of you. We hope you realize how amazing you and your body are for accomplishing something so miraculous. Having been in your shoes, we know how hard it can be to feel your best in your body right after giving birth- especially while in a swimsuit. We've heard so many common concerns that come up when shopping for the perfect postpartum nursing-friendly swimsuit:

"I just had a C-section and need something comfortable that doesn't cut into my sides."

"I'm nursing and NEED easy access so I can pop that boob out comfortably without putting on a show."

"I have a bigger bust which calls for some good bust support."

"I'd like extra coverage to disguise the extra stretch marks and weight so I can feel comfortable and secure!"

If any of these thoughts sound familiar and resonate with you- read on. We're here to help you feel your best while you navigate postpartum and nursing-friendly swimwear fashion. Geode Swimwear creates exclusive designs that will keep you comfortable, confident and on top of your momming duties all day while in the water.

The Obsidian One-Piece

Classic Black Modest Nursing Friendly Postpartum One Piece Swimsuit

We all love a classic black one-piece swimsuit- and we love this one even more because it works seamlessly for nursing. It has a cute clasp in the back, straight across neckline, and a shelf bra that come together to offer amazing bust support. All while staying comfortable and not compromising the functionality of the tying straps? Yeah, we can't believe it either.

The Havana One-Piece

White and Black Cheetah Printed Nursing Friendly Modest One Piece Swimsuit

Want to make a statement while nursing? The Havana One-Piece full-coverage swimsuit is another great option if you are looking for a similar cut and function to the Obsidian One-Piece.

There's more than just a unique print and beautiful classic black to these nursing-friendly swimsuits though. They're also lightly ribbed and super stretchy making them comfortable for c-section scars. Comfortable, stretchy, flattering, and functional functional tying straps- the way to a nursing mama's heart, we know.

The Bella Two-Piece

Spring Floral Full Coverage Postpartum Nursing Friendly Tankini Swimsuit

One of our best-sellers: the Bella Two-Piece is a gorgeous postpartum and nursing-friendly swimsuit choice. Nursing mamas will swoon over this swimsuit set as the off-the-shoulder style (or on-the-shoulder if you prefer) sleeves give convenient and easy access when your babe is ready to feed. The matching high-waisted bottoms add to the flattery of the suit by cutting the waist at the perfect spot to bring confidence in style.

To top it off we also offer the Bella Swim Skirt that pairs perfectly to the Bella Top if you're a mama looking for a little more booty coverage.

The Magnolia Bikini and One Piece

Enjoy the postpartum life with this full-coverage v-neck nursing-friendly swimsuit. Whether you're looking for a modest bikini or a one-piece with a waist panel for added structure and security- the Magnolia is your one-stop shop for relaxing by the pool and feeding your little one on demand. The elegant and adjustable straps make nursing a breeze, and the ultra-flattering hip cut with full booty coverage keeps you feeling confident while you keep your little one happy. This swimsuit made out of smooth and stretchy material, also comes with a shelf bra and removable pads for added support.

The Indigo Two-Piece

One Strapped Modest Royal Blue Nursing Friendly Tankini Swimsuit

Thick, crinkle textured fabric on a swimsuit is to die for as a new postpartum mom and we let that secret out when we released the Indigo Two-Piece. One-shouldered tops are IN and make your job as a nursing mom so much easier. This soft, stretchy, and extremely comfortable full-coverage two-piece swimsuit is sure to make you feel your best at your next day by the water.

The Sicily Two-Piece

Another stunning full-coverage and nursing-friendly swimsuit in a second color? Yep, you couldn't get enough of this cut, so we just had to release the Sicily Two-Piece. It has the exact texture and cut as the Indigo Two-Piece- Soft and stretchy material? Check. An ultra-flattering leg cut that provides full booty coverage? You got it. No, we wouldn't blame you if you got both. ;)

The Lotus One-Piece

Vintage Floral Full Coverage Postpartum Nursing Friendly One Piece Swimsuit

Some say it looks like your grandma's couch, some say that's the best part about it. The Lotus One Piece Swimsuit stands out in our collection of nursing-friendly swimsuits with its regular, yet gorgeously smocked swimsuit material. To make your nursing duties even more seamless, it has functional tying straps. One of our favorite looks is to wear them off the shoulder, you can thank us later.

Providing good bust support with removable pads and a supportive under bust seam, this romantic floral one-piece is sure to come with you on your next vacation.

The Celeste Bikini and Celeste One-Piece

Sun and Moon Print Trendy Postpartum Nursing Friendly Modest Swimwear

You'll always have sunshine on your mind while nursing with the Celeste Bikini. This golden-olive colored modest bikini is detailed with a gorgeous celestial style print that's fun and flirty. The swim top features a straight across neckline and tying straps for a combination that helps make nursing in a swimsuit enjoyable like you want it to be. As a postpartum mom, comfort is probably your top priority and we've got you covered with the Celeste High-Waisted Bottoms. The waist features a special, seamless style that's ultra comfortable and designed to lay flawlessly around your waist (without any squeezing.) Made from a smooth, high-quality swimsuit material, this bikini is soft and comfortable for your beautiful postpartum body.

If you're in love with the print but want a little more coverage, the Celeste One-Piece Swimsuit is calling your name. Literally (if your name is Celeste we think you're pre-destined to wear this swimsuit.) Just like the bikini, our higher leg cut flatters your curves and prevents this one piece swimsuit from digging in. The open back combined with a golden clasp and functioning tying straps is a combination you just can't resist as a nursing mom.

The August Two-Piece

Neutral Gingham Postpartum Modest Nursing Friendly Bikini Swimsuit

Versatile clothing is pure gold as a woman in motherhood. Being able to wear something before, during, and after pregnancy is unbeatable and the August Two-Piece defends that statement completely.

This neutral-colored gingham bikini set is so adjustable and features a straight neckline and back for maximum coverage and comfort, with adjustable ruching so it can be easily customized to your preferred fit next to those high-waisted full coverage bottoms. We can't see you, but we feel your heart eyes going through the screen.

The Rio Two-Piece

White and Gold Sexy Postpartum Nursing Friendly Modest Bikini Swimsuit

"Hey Sexy Mama" no doubt is what you'll be called or thought about when wearing this tropical-printed gem. The Rio Set is perfect for nursing! The thick gathered straps and plunge neckline allow a lot of flexibility for nursing comfortably by the water. As if that's not enough, the front ruching on the high-waisted bottoms keep you feeling comfortable and look so flattering on your body.

The Midnight Two-Piece

Classic Black Modest Sexy Nursing Friendly Postpartum Bikini Swimsuit

In love with the cut and style of the Rio Set but a simple, solid black is more your thing? Crowd favorites always need a 2.0 so we created the Midnight set which has all of your favorite features of the Rio set, just in a different font.

The Rose One-Piece

Pink V neck Nursing Friendly Modest One Piece Swimsuit

For the Nursing Barbie. This pink bathing suit is a crinkle-textured fabric that is very soft and stretchy which makes nestling your babe close to you so simple. The Rose One-Piece features a slight v-neckline and on the back- a secure clasp to help offer great bust support. And of course, the nursing-friendly swimsuit gives you full-booty coverage, so don't sleep on this one when choosing what cute one-piece swimsuit to wear as a postpartum beauty.

The Ginger Two-Piece

Orange Modest Comfortable Postpartum Nursing Friendly Bikini Swimsuit

Like all luxury nursing-friendly swimwear, once you get a feel for the Ginger Two-Piece, there's no going back. This tube swim top makes the process of nursing so effortless, especially with those adjustable and removable straps. (If you live for the strapless look, it's okay- we do too.) Don't forget the shelf bra and removable pads that give this suit great bust support. High-waisted and ultra-flattering leg cut bottoms finish off the look to make you feel and look your best.

The Oahu Two-Piece

Green Comfortable Postpartum Nursing Friendly Modest Bikini

Yeah, yeah we know your love language and we have to show you how much we love you with another color of the Ginger Two-Piece. We might as well copy and paste at this point?

The High-Tide Two-Piece

White Neutral Modest Postpartum Nursing Friendly Bikini Swimsuit

If you give a postpartum babe a Geode swimsuit, she's going to want one in all of the colors. (That's how the saying goes right?) This one's for our the mamas who love their neutrals.

Porto Bikini and Porto Two-Piece

   Modest White Floral Strapless Comfortable Postpartum Nursing Friendly Bikini                   Full Coverage White Floral Postpartum Nursing Friendly Tankini Swimsuit

We call the Porto Bikini Set and Porto Two-Piece instant essentials. The shirred bodice that's the perfect combination of thick and stretchy are sure to offer great coverage and flatter your postpartum body. To make sure you get the perfect fit and customized style, this modest top offers adjustable straps that can also be removed. We're drooling at the thought of how easy nursing will be with these swim tops too.

On top of that, the bottoms are shirred and never get see-through (which should be the last of your worries as a new mom.) Our higher leg cut flatters your curves and prevents these bottoms from digging into your bikini-line. We can't stop coming back to this timeless white and navy blue print- it's one that will be on trend for years to come!


Whether you’re looking for a nursing-friendly swimsuit or you’re looking for full-coverage swimwear that comes with a confidence boost, you can find it all at Geode Swimwear. Shop our entire collection for everything you need to feel your best.

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