Best Swimsuit Colors for Blondes

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Do blondes really have more fun!? Maybe not any more than brunettes or redheads on an average day, but they definitely do when it comes to swimsuits! You might not initially think so, but it's actually so important to take into consideration your own hair color when shopping for a swimsuit. When we wear a swimsuit, we typically show more skin than normal so of course, we all want to pick the best color and style to flatter our skin tone and body shape. But we can’t overlook the part that our unique hair color plays in the overall look of a swimsuit!

This one is for all the BLONDIES out there! Bring on the bolds, brights, blues and blacks!


We daresay that bold swimsuit colors might just look the best on blondes! Whether it be a striking red or a royal blue, these bold beautiful colors are a wonderful contrast to the light features of a blonde! Our go-to bold looks here at Geode Swimwear are the Phoenix One-Piece and the Indigo Two-Piece (or one-piece)! These suits are absolutely stunning on all of our blonde customers!



The last thing you want to do if you’re a blonde, is wash yourself out with a poor choice of color. Our next piece of advice for the blondes in the audience is to make it bright! Colors are fun, but be cautious on which colors you choose, as some pastel, dull colors won’t do much to make your beautiful blonde hair pop! With this in mind, we would definitely recommend the Rose One-Piece and the Flora One-Piece (or two-piece)! These fun springy colors are sure to complement your light features while making you feel your best!



Calling all the blue swimsuits! Blue is one of the best and safest colors for a blonde to wear. Virtually any shade of blue will make blonde hair look brighter and really bring out the best in your hair! Alsooo, bonus points if you have blue eyes! Blue swimsuits on a blue-eyed beauty is a match made in heaven! Our favorite blue swimsuits have to be the Pacific One-Piece and the Laguna Two-Piece! Either of these beautiful shades of blue will do wonders for the blonde hair that makes you, you!



You may have heard before that black looks best on blondes… well we would have to agree! The contrast of light hair and features combined with the stark black of a sleek swimsuit is just to die for! We love a hot bombshell blonde in a figure flattering classic black! Our personal favs when it comes to black suits are the Obsidian One-Piece and the Midnight Two-Piece! These suits are so stunning on blondes and such a comfortable, modest option!



This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include one more bonus recommendation for all our blondies! GREENS! Earthy colors, like many different shades of green, are also such a good partner to blonde hair. Green will complement the bright highlights in a natural blonde and will create the perfect look! Our favorite green suits for blondes are the Agave One-Piece and the Willow Top! These gorgeous greens are sure to give you all the confidence for your next beach day! 


Remember that when it comes to the color of a swimsuit, while skin tone and hair color both play an important role, the most important thing to remember is to pick a color that makes you feel confident! Don’t be afraid to break all the traditional rules if the color of swimsuit you want to wear makes you feel GOOD! Because in the end, that’s what truly matters!

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