Best One-Piece Swimsuits for Longer Torsos

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Here at Geode Swimwear we know how hard shopping for a modest, one-piece swimsuit can be-especially for all my tall girls out there! We always aim to be body inclusive, and we want you to find your perfect fit! So, we've compiled a list of our top one-piece swimsuits for girls with longer torsos (because let's face it, one piece swimsuits can be tricky when you're tall!)

(Stay tuned for our best long torso tankini picks!) 


The Tahoe One-Piece swimsuit is a timeless classic, it's light blue color compliments almost any skin tone and its been our second best selling one-piece for over a year now-people just keep buying it! It doesn't come with adjustable straps like some of our other one piece swimsuits, but it does come with a little bit of a longer torso than some of our other suits. Our taller customers LOVE this one! Plus, its made from a thick, high quality nylon-spandex that gives it the stretch it needs without showing the liner (or anything else) underneath. 


Best cute, modest one-piece swimsuits for girls with longer torsos.



2. The Havana One-Piece Swimsuit 

The Havana takes the prize for our top selling one piece, it's cute (yet, sexy) modest style paired with the flattering black and white cheetah-like print makes it a must have! The Havana is made with a buttery soft, high quality nylon spandex- giving it great coverage and the most comfortable fit. This one also has a little extra length through the body, making it the perfect fitting one-piece for girls with longer torsos. Unlike the Tahoe One-Piece the Havana comes with tying straps on the shoulders, making it easily adjustable to perfectly fit you! 


Cute, modest one-piece swimsuits for girls with longer torsos.



3. The Panama One-Piece Swimsuit

The Panama One Piece is another one of our modest, timeless styles that you can keep in your collection for years. This modest bathing suit features a lace up back- which actually laces all the way up into the shoulder straps, making it SUPER adjustable all around! This lace up feature makes it an excellent option for taller or longer torso ladies. Its the perfect suit!


Best cute, modest one-piece swimsuits for girls with longer torsos.


We hope this blog post gives you some helpful guidance! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about any other one-piece swimsuits.



-The Geode Team 


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