Beloved Blues-All the Shades of Blue at Geode Swimwear

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Blue is the most common favorite color in the world-so it's no wonder that blue is one of the most common colors of swimsuits on our website! In any shade, blue just looks INCREDIBLE on almost any skin tone! Its soft and subtle, but still makes your features pop and never goes out of style. What more could you hope for?!
We offer a variety of one piece and two piece swimsuits in various shades of blue, so you can find the perfect swimsuit fit and shade of blue for you. 
blue one piece swimsuit cute modest womens swimwear

Pacific One Piece Swimsuit

This navy blue one piece swimsuit is one of our customer favorites and is quite possibly one of the most comfortable and flattering swimsuits you will ever wear. This high neck floral swimsuit has a gorgeous athletic fit with thick straps and amazing bust support, making it the perfect swimsuit for almost any activity. 

Madeira One Piece Swimsuit

Looking for something a little more bold? The Madeira One Piece is the perfect teal color with just a splash of golden yellow accents- one of our favorite color combos! This women's swimsuit has a classic cut with a straight across neckline, adjustable straps, and and an adjustable tie back that helps this suit fit your body *just* right. 

Tahoe One Piece Swimsuit

The Tahoe One Piece is a classic to geode swimwear- its been around for YEARS and likely isn't going anywhere anytime soon! The Tahoe is the prettiest sky blue swimsuit that just POPS on any skin tone! We especially love the sophisticated square neckline, thick straps, and open back that just make this swimsuit irresistible. 

blue womens tankini modest teal midkini swimsuit

Laguna Top & High Waisted Bottoms

Our best selling set consistently for almost a YEAR! The Laguna Top is a gorgeous dark teal tankini top with a square neckline and thick, adjustable straps. We love the ribbed textured bottoms that pair with this one- they match exactly, so its the look of a one piece swimsuit, without the commitment! 

Neptune Top & High Waisted Bottoms

The Neptune swimsuit set came into fruition from COUNTLESS customer requests to add our popular sandstone top in blue- so we delivered! This top and high waisted bottoms is unique in its subtle two-tone style with slightly different shades of sky blue. It's beautifully mature with just a splash of something fun to it. 

Havasu Top & High Waisted Bottoms

A color block two piece that captures the prettiest shades of blue? Say no more. This tankini top comes in the prettiest soft, sea-foam green color with cream trim and high waisted cream and navy blue bottoms. This swimsuit looks like the colors were plucked straight from the ocean-its gorgeous! 

Oahu Top & High Waisted Bottoms

Okay okay, this one might be a bit of a stretch- its definitely more green than blue, but it still counts! This two piece swimsuit is one of my personal favorites, its the most gorgeous green-blue color with a stunning crinkle texture and a modest cut that is incredibly flattering on almost any body type. Its a top seller for a reason! 

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