5 Favorite DIY Face Masks (Like, for skincare!)

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Its been been a crazy week-heck, its been a CRAZY year. 

From pandemics to wildfires, political unrest to homeschooling-essentially NOTHING this year has gone according to plan. 

A great thing to do when life gets a little crazy? TLC time. Thats right, TREAT YOURSELF. Take a step back and refocus- clear your mind!

One of my favorite ways to do this is by doing a face mask! (We're talking about the ones for skin care) Because your skin has been under a lot of stress lately-both from emotional stress, and from wearing a mask everywhere you go!

So light a few candles, turn on some soft music, and give your skin the extra love its longing for with one of our 5 favorite DIY facial masks!

(Remember to be cautious when trying new face masks- avoid any ingredients that are known to irritate your skin and always do a small spot test before applying)

1. This soothing lavender and chamomile mask from The Pistachio Project-truly, I don't know if there's a better way to unwind than this fragrant mask. 

The weather, the beauty products, the dirt and grim of our daily lives can really take a toll on your face. A great way to calm down your face is with this soothing lavender chamomile face mask! #lavender #chamomile #facemask #herbal #natural #diy


2. This moisturizing honey and coconut oil face mask from Savvy Naturalista-perfect for the cooler, dry months ahead!

Looking to give your face a dewy and naturally glow look try this two-ingredient face mask. Coconut oil and honey is all you need for this skincare DIY!  

3. This exfoliating oatmeal face mask, great for acne-prone skin from One Crazy Mom (in desperate need of this from my covid mask acne!)

Do you struggle with acne but want an all natural product to use? We have an easy DIY Face Mask for Acne that will improve the appearance of your skin.

4. This cleansing bentonite clay mask for The Gold Sister- clear your pores, while you clear your mind. 

Easy DIY bentonite clay face mask, great for detoxifying your skin so you can start glowing! Click through to read more about it.


5. This under-eye aloe face mask for dark circles from Ardole- because let's be honest, we're all struggling with the bags under our eyes. 

Dark circles uner-eye mask & beard oil


Thats it for now loves-be sure to take time to take care of you!


-The Geode Team

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