Why "Geode"?

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I have to admit- it's a bit of a strange name for a swimwear business, isn't it? Most swimwear brands boast glamorous or exotic sounding names that ooze luxurious, resort-style vibes. 

But here we are. Just simply, "Geode". A name inspired by a simple rock.  

Growing up, my grandpa LOVED geology and he had a wonderful collection of rocks and minerals in his home. There were beautiful samples of all kinds in his collection. Crystals, agate, iron pyrite, obsidian- each wildly unique and beautiful, many of them bright and bold and almost otherworldly. 

But of all the rocks I've learned about from my grandpa, a geode was always the one I was drawn to most. 

At first glance, a geode rock is plain and insignificant looking. They're often found buried in the ground and have a rather dull, rough appearance on the outside. Understandably, they're often overlooked. 

However-with a little force you can crack open a geode, and inside you will find an array of stunning crystals and minerals, rich with color and beauty that far exceeds it's outer shell.  

I can't help but think how similar these rocks are to us- how often times, there's so much more to someone than what initially meets the eye.

Inspired by these incredible rocks, Geode Swimwear aims to promote inner beauty, while helping women to feel confident and beautiful on the outside.

You won't find an ounce of airbrushing or photoshopping anywhere on our website. Here at Geode, we use a variety of models so you can see that our suits REALLY are made to flatter every shape and size. No pinning suits or dramatic hair & makeup crew at these shoots- just women living life and feeling good in their Geode suits. 

And thats what it's all about, right?

So here's to our biggest wish- that you always feeling comfortable, and confident, in your Geode swimsuit. 

Thanks for being here!

-Jenna, Owner & Founder of Geode Swimwear

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