How to find the perfect stylish and practical sporty swimsuit as an active swimmer

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The Ultimate Guide to a Sporty and Stylish Swimsuit

The eternal quest for the perfect swimsuit is a battle between practicality and a swimsuit that matches your personality. A yearning for a day in the water with comfort and confidence. This guide is your siren song to finding the sporty and athletic swimsuit for you – a suit that lets you swim laps around your competitors in style.

Knowing Your Aquatic Arena

First things first, not all H2O adventures are created equal. Are you a swimmer tearing up the lap lane? A wave rider catching the perfect curl? Or a fitness instructor leading the charge in aqua Zumba? Understanding your primary water activity is the key to unlocking swimsuit nirvana.

  • Lap Lane Swimmers: Chlorine resistance is your champion. Look for suits crafted from high quality fabrics that can withstand countless pool races. Think minimal seams, snug yet supportive and structured fits to minimize drag, and streamlined one-pieces with criss cross back straps for unbeatable shoulder mobility. The Fern One Piece will be your best friend in this category:

  • Surfs Up, Style On: Durability is your best friend. Choose swim tops with sun protection for long days under the sun. Long Sleeve swimsuits that stay put during wipeouts are essential. Consider features like smooth, quick drying swimsuit material, a supportive shelf bra in the swim top, and full coverage high waisted bikini bottoms to keep everything where it belongs. Enter the Kokkini Long Sleeve Top and Mica Bottoms:

  • Water Enthusiasts: Embrace versatility! A suit that seamlessly transitions from poolside lounging to aqua aerobics is an aquatic dream. Opt for good bust support suits with quick-drying fabrics that move and breathe with you. Tankinis or sporty bikinis with moderate coverage offer the perfect balance of practicality and comfort. We can't think of anything better for you than the Pacific Bikini or the Havasu Set:


    Fit for Function and Flattery: Because Comfort is Queen

    A sporty swimsuit should feel like a second skin, hugging your curves in all the right places and moving with you, not against you. Here's how to find the perfect fit:

    • Support: For our larger-busted friends, prioritize built-in underwire or compressive fabrics for maximum comfort and security like shown here in the Catania and Florence One Piece. Features like these leave you feeling confident in the water, and that's what it's all about.

    • Coverage Confidence: Too much coverage can restrict movement, while too little might leave you feeling exposed. Experiment with different necklines (scoop, v-neck) and leg cuts (brief, boy short, skirt) to find what flatters your figure and activity level. We think you'll find something you'll like in the diverse options of the Costa Bikini, Charlotte Set, and Sandstone Top + Jasmine Skirt:

    • The Details: Look for features that elevate your swim experience. Adjustable straps and removable cups allow for a personalized fit and a built-in bra adds an extra layer of support (all found in a suit like the checkered Myrtle Set.) While cut-out panels in the Ebony offer breathability. What details are important to YOU?


      Embrace Your Style: Because Looking Good Feels Good

      Function doesn't have to come at the expense of fashion. Here's some tips to embrace your swimwear style:

      • Be Bold: Don't shy away from vibrant hues, playful prints, or eye-catching color blocks while searching for your perfect athletic full coverage swimsuit. A suit that reflects your personality is a guaranteed mood-booster (and will make a splash on your Instagram feed).

      • Accessorize with Intention: A brightly colored swim cap or a pair of statement goggles can add a pop of personality. Think of them as the jewelry of the pool as an active swimmer.

      • The Art of the Cover Up: Coordinate your swimsuit with matching shorts or a skirt that transitions effortlessly from poolside to patio. A neutral button-up short sleeve top will go with any suit and is the comfort and coordination you're looking for after getting out of the water. It's all about creating a cohesive, stylish look.


      Pro Tips for Active Swimmers

      • Shop Smart, Especially Before your Aquatic Competition: Popular styles and sizes can disappear faster than a pool float in a hurricane. Be proactive and shop early, especially leading up to peak swim season. Styles like these modest and athletic one piece swimsuits sell ultra-fast so get your hands on them before it's too late

      • Invest in Quality: A well-made swimsuit is a long-term play. It will resist chlorine damage, provide superior comfort, and last for many poolside adventures. Shop here for more high-quality, long-lasting, cute sporty swimsuits.

      • Trying is Believing: While online shopping is convenient, there's no substitute for trying on different styles and cuts in person to ensure a perfect fit. We offer the best of both worlds with free exchanges and also issue returns to help you find the perfect fit and style you're looking for in your athletic swimsuit. Our full, convenient return policy can be referenced here.

      • Post-Swim TLC: Rinse your swimsuit in clean water after each use and hang it to dry. This will help extend the lifespan of your swimwear. Go here for complete care instructions to keep your Geode swimsuit looking brand new throughout all of your adventures.

      With this ultimate guide as your compass, you're ready to navigate the world of sports swimwear with confidence. Remember, the perfect swimsuit is an extension of you – a reflection of who you are and your love for the water. So, dive in, and make waves in a swimsuit that lets you shine just as brightly as you do.

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