Top 3 Swimsuits for Spring Break 2022

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Spring is just around the corner which means that all those amazing Spring Break vacations are quickly coming up! 

Spring break is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new swimsuit, so you can go on your vacay with confidence, feeling your best and ready to have a good time! 

BUT- now comes the daunting task of deciding which of our swimsuits to choose?! We know if can be a tough decision, so we'll give you a little help! Here's our customer's Top 3 Favorite suits this spring, and a little about why they're so loved!

#3- Laguna Tankini Top & High Waisted Bottoms

blue tankini modest womens swimsuit

The Laguna set was released as an item in our Fall 2021 Resort Collection, and it quickly became and has remained a customer favorite since! The Laguna Top is a tankini style top that offers modest coverage, without sacrificing style. This swimsuit top comes in the most beautiful shade of dark blue, and is sure to look great on any skin tone. One of our customers favorite things about it? The super sturdy, thick, ribbed texture material! This set is sure to hold up on ANY spring adventure you throw at it!

#2-Flora One-Piece Swimsuit

Coming up as our second-best seller this spring is the Flora One-Piece Swimsuit! This one was released with our Spring 2022 Collection, and quickly jumped up to be one of our best selling one-piece swimsuits! As soon as we released this swimsuit there was an instant buzz about it-and honestly, we weren't surprised. I mean, whats not to love? This retro, 70's style floral swimsuits comes in the prettiest warm toned floral, offers modest booty coverage, and has the PRETTIEST drawstring tie neckline. This one would be perfect for those vacay pics!

#1-Oahu Tankini Top & High Waisted Bottoms

modest two piece swimsuit womens

And the top swimsuit choice this spring is....*drumroll*..the Oahu Top and High-Waisted Bottoms! This tankini was also released with our Spring 2022 Collection and it was an immediate hit! So much so that this one sold out in almost every size within a few weeks! (We have since had a restock, but that one is going quick too, so get it while you still can!) Our customers love that this textured swimsuit offers modest coverage with a tankini style top, but is still flattering and -as always- doesn't sacrifice style for coverage. Not to mention it's the most gorgeous blue/green color that's going to look amazing in all those instagram posts. 

Wishing you all the best spring break in your brand new Geode swimsuits! 
-The Geode Team

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