The Best Maternity Friendly Swimsuits for Pregnancy

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First of all, all of us here at Geode Swimwear want to give you a big Congratulations! This is such an exciting time of life and we want to help you feel your best every step of the way.

With the growing excitement, comes a growing belly- and hopefully a growing swimsuit collection! ;) Our swimsuits are made with soft, stretchy material that will stretch with you as your belly grows, and your comfort and confidence will follow suit! We've compiled a list of our maternity and postpartum swimsuits that work best for pregnancy! 

Generally, we recommend ordering your typical size in our swimsuits for the first and second trimesters. However, keep in mind if you're wearing your swimsuit into the third trimester, you may want to consider sizing up to give yourself a little extra room!

That being said, lets jump right in to our top maternity choices!

The Agave One-Piece

Believe me when I say, this swimsuit is unreasonably comfortable. It's got your regular smooth spandex swimsuit material, but it's thick, smocked, and super stretchy. It has good bust support and since the shirring is so stretchy, you can easily get by with your regular size while pregnant in this one!

The Costa One-Piece

Floral Cute Modest One Piece Maternity Swimsuit

Cute, modest, and trendy one piece swimsuits are hard enough to find as it is. But make it maternity-friendly and affordable? We'll be there. The Costa One-Piece is a stretchy, sporty fabric paired with a flirty and feminine print that is sure to make your pregnancy days on the water a breeze. If you are in your third trimester, consider sizing up for more comfort.

The Indigo One-Piece

Royal Blue Modest Scoop Neck Maternity Friendly One Piece Swimsuit for Women

The Indigo's crinkled textured fabric is on the thicker side, and since adding this material in 2023 it’s quickly become a fan favorite. It's soft and stretchy, bright and bold- doesn’t get better than this! This one easily stretches and glides along all your curves, so no need to size up, even for later pregnancy.

The Pacific Two-Piece

We love a cute modest bikini set- especially while pregnant! The Pacific set is made of regular swimsuit material that is smooth, stretchy, and comfortable. This modest bikini swimsuit top and bottom have amazing support and help you feel comfortable and secure while enjoying your active OR relaxing day on the water.

The Obsidian One-Piece

Black Maternity Modest Cute Trendy One Piece Swimsuit

We all love a classic black one-piece swimsuit- and we love this one even more because it works BEAUTIFULLY for pregnancy! This beauty is comfortable, stretchy, flattering, and nursing friendly- what more could you want? Your regular size will work just fine in this one for my maternity friends.

The Lotus One-Piece

This one stands out in our collection of maternity-friendly swimsuits. It's regular swimsuit material, but gorgeously smocked, so there's lots of fabric to stretch as your cute belly grows! It has good bust support and full booty coverage. This romantic one-piece makes life easy with no need to size up from your regular size while you’re in your maternity era.

The Fern One-Piece

Dark Green Modest Cute Swimwear Maternity Friendly Athletic

If you want amazing support and high-end style while pregnant, the Fern is it. The fabric is similar to the Obsidian, but the material is thicker and feels slightly more rigid. The fabric is stretchy but more structured, so we do suggest sizing up in the later months of pregnancy.

The Havana One-Piece

Cute Trendy Fun Modest Bathing Suit for Women

This one-piece is a super fun, flattering pattern- because who says maternity wear has to be boring? This fabric is super soft and stretchy, so it works great for a growing tummy. The straight-across neckline combined with shelf bra gives it great bust support. The best part of all? This swimsuit has functional tying straps, making it nursing friendly! We are allll for a swimsuit that works great during pregnancy and after! This cute bathing suit is the exact same cut and material as the Obsidian and will work great in your regular size for all the pregnant mamas.

The Rose One-Piece

Pink Maternity Friendly Modest Comfortable One Piece Swimsuit

This is one of the top maternity-friendly swimsuits that we offer- our owner wore her normal size in this swimsuit at 8 months pregnant with her little one! This pink bathing suit is a crinkle-textured fabric that is very soft and stretchy. It offers great bust support and full booty coverage! Don't sleep on this one when choosing what cute one-piece swimsuit to wear while you're pregnant!

The Flora One-Piece

Orange and Yellow Fun Retro Floral Maternity Swimsuit in Pregnancy

This fun, retro-inspired, one-piece bathing suit is the perfect way to feel fun and flirty while pregnant! The Flora is made out of our regular, buttery soft swimsuit material. It's stretchy, but if you’ll be wearing this one into your third trimester we would recommend sizing up.

The Midnight Two-Piece

Black Classy Sexy Modest Two Piece Bikini Set

The Midnight is another solid option when choosing a modest bikini set to wear during pregnancy. You can't go wrong with black either! This swimsuit is made out of regular swimsuit material, making it soft and comfortable for every body (and belly!) The modest bikini top has some subtle ruching on the front that makes it so flattering- especially during pregnancy. 

The High Tide One-Piece

White Modest One Piece Swimsuit for Maternity

This cream-colored, one-piece gem is a staple for this spring. The soft, stretchy, crinkled fabric is comfortable and timeless as your tummy grows and isn't see-through when it gets wet! Typically, we would suggest sticking to your regular size for an easy comfortable fit.

The Phoenix One-Piece 

Bright Red Sexy Modest One Piece Bathing Suit for Women

This modest, yet sexy one-piece bathing suit is the way to go if you want to make a statement as a pregnant mama. It's made out of thick, ribbed fabric that is stretchy, but a little more structured. So we would size up later on in pregnancy to offer yourself some more comfortability!

The Rio Two-Piece

Sexy Modest Bikini Set for Pregnancy

Finishing off with the stunning Rio set! This beautiful, modest, maternity-friendly bikini set is perfect for pregnancy! It's the same cut as our previously mentioned, Midnight Set and is lightweight and comfortable for your growing belly! The front ruching keeps you feeling comfortable and looks so flattering. We would size up later on in pregnancy!

So what are you waiting for Mama??

Go ahead. Add to cart. Throw out the bathing suit that's seen better days and isn't compatible as you grow your beautiful baby. Look away from swimming suits that don't offer the coverage and comfort that you seek. We invite you to partake in the luxury of swimwear that fits you and feel confident while doing so. You deserve it, mama. 

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