Packing for a Cruise

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A cruise is just like any other vacation in the sense that it is fun, relaxing and adventurous all in one. But the different thing about a cruise is the packing list! There are a few key essentials that you might want to consider packing for a cruise. Read on for a few of our best tips on what to bring when cruising the sea!

First, if you are prone to motion sickness, one of the key essentials to enjoying your vacation is to bring something to fight the sea sickness! This can be less drowsy Dramamine or behind the ear sea patches, or even sea bands that go on your wrist. All of these can be effective so if you are worried and you have a history of getting bad motion sickness, bring all the options so you have the best chance of ditching the sickness and enjoying your vacation!

If you’re bringing kids on your cruise and worried they might get seasick, here is a great article on how to treat motion sickness with child-safe remedies!

motion sickness essentials to prevent sea sickness on a cruise for kids

Next, and most importantly is SWIMSUITS! This one is probably obvious, but something people may not think about is how many and what kinds! More is better with swimsuits and we recommend having one that is super comfortable that you can surf or play sports in, and then having one that is your go-to for laying out, relaxing and maybe getting a tan. At least two swimsuits minimum, but having choices is always great when you’re feeling indecisive about what to wear. Some of our favorite comfortable suits for a more active day are the Havana One-Piece, and the Pacific Two-Piece. Anything that is secure and provides a bit more coverage where it counts is going to be essential! 

spotted cheetah print black and white full coverage one piece modest swimsuit for women blue floral two piece modest bikini for women good coverage

Now for your fit for the relaxing day that hopefully involves a tan, we would recommend the High Tide Two-Piece and the Lotus One-Piece. Removable straps are always a favorite to avoid those tan lines, and both of these suits are still super relaxing but are also tan-line conscious. 

off white tankini modest bikini swimsuit for women strapless vintage floral one piece swimsuit modest for women purple green pink

Another packing essential for a cruise is a hanging toiletry bag! Cruise rooms can be tight in space and you want to pack as light as possible while still being organized- enter the hanging toiletry bag! This will help you keep organized and also save space! Plus if there is any rocking of the boat, you won’t have to worry about anything falling off the counter.

Here is our favorite hanging toiletry bag that even comes with a jewelry organizer pocket!

black hanging toiletry bag perfect for packing for a cruise vacation

Finally, don’t forget sun protection! Sunscreen, coverups, hats and sunglasses are all absolute must-haves to bring when being on a boat at sea, or soaking up the sun at the beaches. While it's always exciting to get a tan, don’t forget to also protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The fun with this is you can also look stylish while doing it!

sunglasses hat coverup for vacation sun protection

We hope our packing tips help you bring all the essentials on your next cruise! Just remember, pack as light as possible while still bringing all the things that will keep you comfortable and confident!


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