Our Top 5 Beaches to Take Your Swimsuit to in 2021

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Since we missed out big time on traveling last year, here at Geode we had at least two trips canceled that we were really looking forward to and I'm sure you all are were in the same boat. But now that things are starting to open up again and travel restrictions are being lifted it's time to grab your favorite Geode bathing suit and your beach towel and find somewhere warm! Doing 90% off our product images on the beach we are basically beach experts having been to the majority of them in the U.S haha. So here is a list of some of favorite beaches that are must visits. 


1. El Matador Beach (Malibu, CA) 

El Matador Beach is a quaint hidden beach just off Highway One in Malibu, CA. With a quick google search you can find the address easy enough. If it takes you to a run down dirt parking lot with an outhouse you're at the right place. When you first arrive it doesn't look like much but just find the stairs and make your way down to the beach and you'll see what all the hype is about. Make sure to check the tides though before you come because the tides will come all the way up to the cliffs and it's easy to get stranded waiting for the tides to recede. 


Modest full coverage one piece and tankini bathing suits.

 Cute modest one piece and tankini swimsuits




2. Thousand Steps (Laguna, CA)

Thousand steps beach lives up to its name, when it says 1,000 steps it means 1,000 steps so be ready for a workout. This beach can be a little bit of a challenge if you've never been there before so I recommend looking on Californabeaches.com where you can find exact instructions on how to find the stairs down to the beach. We love this beach, it's surrounded by stunning cliffs so it's easy to not get the beach houses in the pictures as well as great sand for pictures as well as having a fun beach day. There is no parking lot so you'll have to park on the road which is usually pretty busy so I recommend going in the evening or early in the morning. 

Cute modest one piece swimsuits

Cute modest full coverage bathing suits



 3. Bill Baggs State Park (Miami, FL)

Being based in Arizona most of our shoots are done on the West Coast mostly because of how easy it is to get to CA but we really wanted to add a little bit of diversity to our content and East Coast beaches are very different from West Coast beaches. We decided to do this shoot in Miami because of the amount if responses we got from models in the area and we did several shoots for swimsuits but our favorite beach was Boll Baggs State Park. It's super easy to get to, it's at the tip of an island just south of Miami Beach. There was a stunning white lighthouse and white sandy beaches with tall grass lining the beach. The only thing I would be concerned about is while we were there the life guard put up the flag for Dangerous Sea Life Spotted, so that made us a little nervous to get in the water lol.

Cute modest one piece and tankini swimsuits

Cute modest one piece bathing suits


4. Windandsea Beach (San Diego) 

Yes, you read that name correctly, this beach is called Wind and Sea beach just spelled all together as Windandsea, don't ask my why because I have no idea lol. All I do know is that this is probably our favorite beach in San Diego. This is another beach that you'll need to check the tide schedule and make sure that you come at low tide because the waves come right up the rocks covering the entire beach. 

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Cute modest high neck one piece swimsuit

 (suits picture) 

Pacific One Piece

Catalina One Piece 


5. Seixal Beach (Madeira, Portugal)

All of our swimsuit shoots have been in the United States up until this year when we took a trip to Madeira Portugal. It's a Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco and while it was a volcanic island so most of the beaches were large stones and not comfy to hang out and lounge on, although people tried for sure, there was one hidden sandy beach on the north side of the Island called Seixal that had the most amazing black sand. 

White textured modest one piece swimsuit

White textured modest one piece swimsuit

 (suits pictured)

High Tide One Piece



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