Let's Talk About TEXTURE- Our favorite one & two piece swimsuits

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Lots of other women's swimwear companies are just beginning to add textured swimsuit options to their swimwear collections- but here at Geode Swimwear, we've been in the texture game for YEARS. We've always loved the look of a textured suit and the way it adds *just* the right amount of flair to a simple swimsuit. Its classy, sophisticated, and just darn cute!
We currently offer swimsuits in 5 different texture options- each one is gorgeous in its own way and offers the some great perks and unique characteristics. So, here's a quick overview of each of the textures we offer and the options we have (currently!) in that texture. 
But keep an eye out- we will absolutely be adding more textured options in the future!  
textured ribbed modest womens swimsuit
The first textured swimsuit we began offering was back in 2019 with our thick ribbed knit fabric. This swimsuit material is a customer favorite for sure! This one is thick and structured with a little less stretch, so its perfect fo keeping everything snug and secure. The ribbed detail is beautifully flattering, and these thick swimsuits will last for years and years to come. 
rib knit womens swimsuit modest womens swimwear
Our soft ribbed knit fabric is one of my personal favorites. This swimsuit texture has a similar look to our thick ribbed knit fabric, but it has slightly less defined ridges. Swimsuits made with this textured material are soft and comfortable and offer a lot of stretch- this material is perfect for maternity style swimsuits that are incredibly comfortable, but hug the body just right. 
crinkle texture womens swimwear modest swimsuits
Our crinkle textured swimsuits are our most recent addition, and we can guarantee they're not going anywhere any time soon! All of our swimsuits made with this material have QUICKLY become best sellers! Women love this texture because it's thick and feels secure, but has incredible stretch to it! (Another great maternity-friendly texture!) This crinkle swimsuit fabric has become so trendy, keep an eye out for more like it in the future! 
black textured womens swimsuit modest cute tankini
This chunky textured swimsuit has a similar feel to our thick rib knit material- its thick and structured with a little less stretch, so it offers great support and hugs the body just right. This swimsuit material has more of a rounded looking texture to it that is super subtle but looks just gorgeous. Aa of right now we only offer this texture on one tankini, but who knows! Maybe we'll need to add more in the future?!
Swimsuits in this material: Ebony Top, Ebony High Waisted Bottoms
shirred off shoulder red womens swimsuit full coverage
I think all of us can agree, shirred swimsuits are AMAZING. They stretch SO much and give you the perfect fit every time! Our customers with larger bust sizes love this style of swimsuit because it offers a natural lift and gentle support- even if the cups are removed! As of right now we only offer this fabric on one top, but a one piece is on the way in the VERY near future!
Swimsuits in this material: Poppy Top

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