Havana One Piece Size Guide

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Havana One Piece Swimsuit


You won't need to buy another one piece swimsuit after you buy the Havana One Piece. The Havana One Piece is the perfect suit for a lounge day on the beach or an active day of playing beach volleyball. This almost cheetah-print one-piece swimsuit features a straight neckline and clasp in the back, providing great bust support while still keeping an open back. Straps tie making it super adjustable and nursing friendly swimsuit. With it's lightly ribbed cute modest one-piece swimsuit is the perfect mix of timeless, and trendy. It also includes a shelf bra, with removable pads double lining, adjustable shoulder straps, and is also nursing friendly. 

Size Chart 

White one piece swimsuit. Cute modest cheetah print one piece swimsuit.



Body Types the Havana One Piece works best on: 

The Havana One Piece Swimsuit is a best seller, one because it's super cute, and two because it fits on almost any body type. The fabric is super soft and stretchy to fit all your curves and the adjustable straps make it work on almost any height.

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