Geode Swimwear Ambassador Program | Spring 2022

Over the past few years, we have had countless messages and emails asking for an Ambassador Program. We've always wanted to add one, but we wanted to make sure it was perfect before we started it up.

Well, we are so excited to announce that-IT'S FINALLY HERE!

We will be beginning our new, Geode Swimwear Ambassador program Spring of 2022! This Ambassador program is perfect for anyone that loves Geode Swimwear, and wants to share our swimsuits and our message of confidence and positivity with their friends and family!

Geode Swimwear ambassador program for modest swimwear.


How it Works:

Over the Spring and Summer of 2022, we will have two rounds of ambassadors. The first round will be February-April, and the second will be May-June. If you're not selected for the first round, no worries! You can absolutely apply again for the second round in May!

The program will be a three month commitment. During this three month span, you will agree to post two static pictures on your Instagram, as well as two posts on your story in which you're wearing your Geode suits (which you'll get for free!)

Only two of each are required, but we'd love to see any additional and authentic content! Ambassadors that go above and beyond will have the opportunity to reapply for an addition round, and have a shot at being an ambassador for even longer!

We will also provide a personal promo code to share with your friends, family, and followers on social media! 



  • Must have a public instagram account- There is no minimum requirement of followers to be an ambassador, but we need to be able to re-share the great content that you post. 
  •  Must be able to provide high quality content- You don't have to be a photographer with a professional camera, but we need to know that you are able take high quality pictures that will catch attention! 
  •  Must be committed- Individuals that are selected must be willing to commit to being an ambassador for the entirety of the three month term, and will agree to not collaborate or post pictures with any other swimwear brands during this 3 month time frame. 
  •  Must be Active on Social Media- We require a minimum of two feed posts, and two posts on your story during the three month period, but won't stop you if you want to post every week about Geode ;)
  • Must be 18+


How to Apply:

We will be accepting applications for the first round of ambassadors from January 21st, through Jan 31st. We will select ambassadors and contact them shortly after that. To apply please fill out the following application form-we cant wait to work with you!


If you are nervous about applying, don't be! You don't need to an instagram expert or have a huge following, we are looking for people who are authentic and real and who will represent our brand in the best possible way! 


Geode Swimwear Ambassador Program for modest bathing suits