2022, We're Ready For You!

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It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the beginning of 2021, and here we are-another year come and gone already!

2021 was wonderful in a lot of ways, buuuut I think in a lot of ways 2021 didn't go exactly how many of us imagined, and I think these past two unpredictable years have been quite the challenge for many of us. 

But, maybe, just *maybe*-2022 will be our year. 

Of course, it may be just as crazy and chaotic as past years, but you KNOW we're gonna be out here trying our hardest and enjoying every minute we can. 

And here at Geode Swimwear, we're ready to hit the ground running! Hands down this is going to be our best year EVER. 

Why? Because we have SO many exciting things in store already!

First and foremost, LOTS of new styles coming to the shop! (Starting with our spring release that will go live in February-keep an eye out for it!) We have new, unique one-piece swimsuits that you will just fall in LOVE with-I know I already have! We have new two pieces coming in- including new color options for THREE of our best-selling sets! AND-our swim shorts that we just cant seem to keep in stock are coming in a new, highly requested color! 

*Pauses to catch breath*

YEAH. This year is going to be PACKED with so much swimsuit goodness!

But wait-there's more! This year we will FINALLY be unveiling our all-new Ambassador Program! Every year we get countless messages asking if we offer some kind of ambassador program, and in the past we haven't been able to make it happen- but this year, we're DOING IT! (Stay tuned for details coming later this month!)

Beyond that, we cant WAIT to continue to keep growing, spreading body positivity and confidence to women all over the world, and to keep providing swimsuits that make you feel comfortable, and confident. 

Needless to say, we are just SO excited for 2022. So the biggest THANK YOU for being here and supporting us, we can't wait to make this year amazing!


-The Geode Team 

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